13 Pits I Have Find Your Phone Number

For three years, I have survived on the App Store with 3 successful apps and millions of downloads, and apps are featured in New York Times and WiredMagazine, and have experienced fierce competition and copycats from others, but in our perseverance Thanks to our Find Your Phone Number efforts, the app still has a good position in the rankings. Fortunately, each of my apps is recommended by Apple App Store, and some well-known tech blogs or websites also recommend our apps, such as TechCrunch, TUAW, lifehacker, and FastCompany’s Co. Design.

Crossed in the Find Your Phone Number

 You put a lot of work into concepting, designing, developing, and marketing the app early on, but you’re only at the starting line. After that, you have to run the race, and in the development process you mean bug fixes, maintenance support, tracking users, and marketing. It’s a Find Your Phone Number constant battle. The only way to survive in the AppStore is to keep paying attention to your app. An app is like a seed. Only with continuous maintenance and nutrition can an app grow gradually. Proper maintenance is just as important to a flawless app as planning a great launch.

Years of Starting the Find Your Phone Number

 Make sure your application has maximum advantages, feasibility and usability, especially version 1. This is MDVFP! It doesn’t have a marketable concept like MVP, but it allows you to go further in the AppStore. Challenge yourself to make the first version exciting Find Your Phone Number enough in the shortest time possible. The first version of QuickFit only took us a month and a half. Make sure the app is recommendable. In most cases this means half the time spent polishing the user experience. Prototype as fast as possible and build version1 your way. This is our motto and the philosophy we implement at WakeAlarm. A product that took 1 month turned into a masterpiece that took 6 months.

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