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Two weeks ago it was my birthday and along with the fun of getting cupcakes from my colleagues and drinks after work, one thing that struck me was the level of birthday wishes from a number of unexpected places via digital marketing channels. Many marketers may not realize it, but an important data piece that most marketers have access to is the birthday of their customers.

I want to highlight a few of these to share digital marketing techniques for birthdays that can drive leads, sales and increased customer loyalty. Here are some examples.

Customized Online Messaging
Logging into Google, I noticed the Google doodle was a collection of birthday cakes and cupcakes. Hovering over the doodle, it said “Happy Birthday Mike Stocker”. Talk about a nice piece of personalization and birthday marketing from this huge search giant. This small act made me feel great about being a Google search, G+ and Gmail user. In addition, I took a screen capture and shared it on Facebook and Google+. Kudos to Google for thinking about this birthday message!

Customized Email Marketing

I also received emails from marketers I frequently shop at or am on their newsletters. These companies such as Banana Republic, JCREW, and even Alaska Airlines Belgium Phone Number sent me discounts for my birthday. Alaska Airlines sent a 5% off coupon- and within a day, I booked a $600 flight.


So whether your company is focused on B2B or B2C marketing, you can leverage the power of targeted, birthday messaging to drive leads, sales and loyalty.

Even SMBs can capitalize on birthday marketing-


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I received an email from a local spa that I had previously been to with an offer of $25 off a massage. Being that it was my birthday- why not treat myself right? Guess what? I booked the massage appointment and ended up spending money that I may not have done if I hadn’t received the birthday offer.


Relating to B2B Marketers
Everything I’ve discussed is B2C related, but B2B marketers can utilize birthdays to keep in touch in a relevant and engaging way with their leads and prospects. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this marketing touch point and think of unique and creative ways to drive leads and sales. One B2B marketer I work with sent an email campaign that offered a T-shirt on the birthdays of their prospects in exchange for answering a survey about the product. This marketer then used that data to better understand the company’s target audience, and also get a marketing message (their logo on the tshirt) out in the world. When the time came for the sale–that lead is much more likely to think favorably of this company and purchase their product or services.

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