5 Free B2B Marketing Tools Croatia Phone Number

Whether you need to more efficiently manage B2B social media efforts, or more accurately determine the marketing ROI of your last email campaign, a tool exists to eliminate some of your headaches.

Once you have a marketing automation solution in place, there are a host of free or low-cost resources available to provide additional support. Here, we’ve identified 5 absolutely free marketing tools for B2B marketers.


Google Analytics Annotations allow marketers to flag certain events, such as a sudden spike in traffic.

This free marketing tool provides

a wealth of insight into how a website is performing. With Analytics, gauge the effectiveness of individual web pages or blog posts based on bounce rate, page views or visits. Plus, determine the most successful sources for sending traffic to your website.

Google is continuously adding new advanced Croatia Phone Number features that can help take your B2B marketing efforts to the next level. Some of the latest advancements include:

• Annotations: Google Analytics now allows you to flag certain events with notes (see image above). For example, you could add the note, “We launched an email campaign today,” to a sudden spike in traffic.

• URL Builder Tool: Analytics now includes a tool to build custom URLs to track the campaign source (i.e., Google, newsletter), campaign medium (i.e., banner, email) or campaign name (i.e., product, promo code)


2. Social Mention
Social Mention is a free marketing tool that provides real-time alerts and analysis of online brand mentions. Set up email alerts to be notified whenever your brand name, executive’s name or even a competitor’s name is mentioned on social sites. Social Mention monitors blogs, microblogs, networking sites, social bookmarks, video sites, new sites and more.

Additional cool features of Social Mention include the ability to:

• Discover the top users who are mentioning your brand name or other keyword

• Gauge the sentiment of a your brand


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or other keyword – positive, negative or neutral (see image above)

• Determine the most popular words used in conjunction with your brand name or other keyword



3. HootSuite
This free marketing tool is ideal for managing multiple social media accounts. From one central location, you can keep up with multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and other social profiles. HootSuite enables you to:


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