6 Ways to Scan and Detect Malicious Code in Word Press Themes

In conclusion, Spending time and effort building a WordPress website makes it a valuable real estate that you don’t want to compromise on. Although a secure platform, WordPress is not completely immune to hacking. As part of that, WordPress is doing a really good job of ensuring that the platform is secure. This is achieved by updating the core WordPress code on a regular basis. Rest assured that WordPress has your back. That said, if you’re vigilant, you’ll be rewarded. One of the most vulnerable areas to watch out for is the WordPress theme. Shadow Making Service There are many themes and plugins available online and in the official WordPress theme repository.

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But There Is a Problem Here. Not All of These

There is a specific theme that is either a cracked version of the premium theme (also known as a null WordPress theme) or has malicious code inserted. Installing these themes on your site can lead to hacking your website. If you have installed such a theme on your site, or if you think the theme is somehow endangered, this article will help you. Here are four ways to detect malicious code on your WordPress site.

But before we get started, let’s clarify some basic concepts. table of contents What is a null WordPress theme? Why is my WordPress theme infected with malware? How to scan a WordPress theme for malicious code# 1 theme check # 2 Health Check and Troubleshooting # 3WP activity log # 4 Word fence security # 5 Screen check # 6 VirusTotal What is a null WordPress theme? Null WordPress themes are similar to cracked software in that they are otherwise free versions of paid technology. For null themes, the paid technology is a premium WordPress theme.

Before Choosing a Theme, Make Sure It Isn’t Null.

If you have it installed, be sure to change its WordPress theme. These themes are full of backdoors and vulnerabilities that, when installed, make your WordPress site less secure and exposed to hacks and malware injections. Why is my WordPress theme infected with malware? There are two types of WordPress themes, popular themes and unpopular themes. The former is so popular that it is always maintained and updated regularly for safety. The latter will be abandoned or renewed after a long period of time. Both have their own set of users who like themes for some feature.

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