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To get a slice of the SERP pie, the content must include relevant keywords, including long-tail phrases. We use Ahrefs for keyword America Cell Phone Number List research. I won’t flesh out every step of the research checklist, but the core components include: Create a spreadsheet and record initial post details (subject matter, Airtable record, and link for Ahrefs results that will be copied and pasted later). Paste at least five links to articles we’ve read on the subject. Document initial thoughts for keywords/terminology. Note America Cell Phone Number List Google’s recommendations for suggested keywords. Run a 20-plus keyword list through Ahrefs. Paste the Ahrefs results for “all,” “have same terms for,” “phrase match,” and “also rank for” search options onto the spreadsheet.

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Add a column for the best keyword options. Whittle the Ahrefs results to one keyword and three to four related long-tail words for America Cell Phone Number List the newly created best column. Get approval to proceed to content creation. Frankly, the keyword research process can be daunting. It takes time to nail down the set of keywords and long-tail words you’re going to use. But it’s a necessary process. Keyword research can be daunting, but it’s necessary in the content production process, saysthomjamescarter via cmicontentCLICK TO TWEET HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: 7 Free Keyword America Cell Phone Number List Research Tools for Content Marketers 20 of the Best SEO Tips for Keyword Rankings and Google in 2020 Creation via collaboration: YoRocket and Polly With the idea and keywords approved – and feedback received – it’s time to move to the blog-post production checklist.

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The first step is to brainstorm five unique headlines for the post. To ensure that those titles grab attention, demonstrate value, America Cell Phone Number List and steer clear of clickbait territory, we use two tools: YoRocket and Polly. Note: YoRocket is no longer available (although if you’ve already installed it you can still use it). You can try Yoast (which is similar) or CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer if you don’t have access to YoRocket. YoRocket is a WordPress plug-in that dynamically provides CTR (click-through rate) projections based on a title. It produces near-instant results to see if the title meets America Cell Phone Number List best practices (e.g., 130 to 150 characters, inclusion of magnet word, use of brackets). YoRocket has a slightly adverse effect on page load times. That’s not ideal, but the pros usually outweigh the cons.

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