A simple analysis of the next kitchen column: Is the new paid content worth buying

The first time I noticed “The Kitchen Column” was because the healthy meal blogger I followed suddenly posted an article to promote my own kitchen column on the official account that has not been updated for ten thousand years. Out of my love for the young lady and her consistent Mexico Phone Number level of recipes, I decided to place an order for the column. The quality of the content is quite high, and it can be said to be a conscientious price.

In my eyes, if you give the lower kitchen a personality, it will be a low-key but not forgetting the original intention, kind to the beauty in life, full of humanity.

Just like their slogan – only food and love can’t live up to it.


Therefore, through investigation and discussions with people around me, I tried to combine the existing logic and patterns of the kitchen column to conduct a simple analysis of it.

Next, I will briefly talk about my thoughts from the following three aspects:

  1. Positioning analysis of the next kitchen column;
  2. About the content and part of the interactive analysis of the next kitchen column;
  3. Conjectures on the direction of future iterations of the next kitchen column.

1. Positioning analysis of the next kitchen column

First of all, what is the purpose of the newly launched “Kitchen Column · E-book” in the context of the kitchen already has a paid content – the kitchen studio class?

Before answering this question, let’s take a look at the kitchen studio.

The chef studio conducts cooking lessons in the form of live broadcasts. The content of the course mainly focuses on complex dishes such as Western-style baking and Chinese-style pastries. The price ranges from 9.9 yuan to 59.9 yuan, and the length is generally 1.5-2 hours.

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Therefore, I divided the users of the kitchen into casual cooking users, purpose-oriented cooking users, and recipe authors/cook studio lecturers/kitchen column writers, and summarized their respective usage scenarios and needs:

2. Content analysis of the next kitchen column

Obviously, if it is just to cook some home-cooked dishes, ordinary people can directly search for high-scoring recipes to imitate, which can generally meet the needs, and the paid content is to cover some special but practical pain points. Below I will continue to subdivide the pain points of users of purpose-based cooking. It is not difficult to understand why the next kitchen has to launch a function such as a column.

  • There are certain special dietary.needs and precise requirement. For nutrient ratios, such as: healthy meals for fitness enthusiasts. Complementary food for newborns, etc.;
    there are one-time cooking needs. Such as: the new year’s eve dinner needs. A big dish that will shock four people. And the boyfriend’s mother’s birthday. Needs to bake a beautiful cake, etc.;
    baking enthusiasts have passed. The introductory stage and want to advance. But the baking books on. The market are very tasteless. When they are practically operated;
  • I hope to learn nutrition knowledge, food culture, and even life attitude while learning cooking.

The new function of the kitchen column is responsible for solving the first and fourth pain points. More text and pictures replace the video (live broadcast) of the kitchen studio, which is more suitable for popularizing knowledge.


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