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You can save money. You don’t need the help of a professional developer, so you don’t have to onboard developers or hire an agency to develop. A website and make any necessary adjustments as per your needs. All you need is creativity and a keyboard and mouse to make any changes. You can save time. It’s on its own, so there’s no back-and-forth communication. With developers or team members to request updates and assign design changes. Plus, everything happens in real time, so you don’t have to wait for changes to happen.

Support for all payment gateways Kajabi understands the importance of easily accepting payments to scale your business digitally. Supporting Stripes and PayPal, the two leading payment gateways. kajabi-vs-teachable-payment-gateway-options Also, integrating payment gateways can take a long time on most platforms. But that’s not the case with Kajabi. All it takes is a couple of clicks Kazakhstan Phone Number and a few moments to embed your favorite payment gateway on your courses landing page to start accepting payments right away.  It is not cut off When you sell courses on most platforms, you are responsible for paying a commission to the platform.

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Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera do the same. But Kajabi doesn’t do that. Instead, you share 100% of the cost price with the creator. That means every sale you make with Kajabi is fully shared with you and you make 100% profit on all your digital product sales. This will give you full control and have a massive impact on your overall income. 5. Generate Comprehensive Reports Let’s face it, running an online business, primarily selling products online, takes a lot of effort in addition to creating content and posting content on the website. You need to understand customer psychology to tap into the right emotion to engage them with your brand.

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To maximize your sales, your business is always in the optimization stage. For example, you earn a million dollars in revenue. If you want to continue and improve your sales numbers. You can’t follow the same steps that got you to the $1 million mark. kajabi-sales-report You need to dig into the numbers game and analyze the data to anticipate user behavior and make changes to your business execution to scale your profits. With Kajabi, you get smart reporting and comprehensive analytics solutions to. Never miss an opportunity to track user activities on your landing pages.

You Are Teaching People With Multiple Methods.

Kajabi gives you the right metrics in an attractive format with graphs and charts, so you know exactly where to pay attention. The data that matters most to make smart business decisions. You no longer have to spend hours on Excel sheets and PDFs to identify opportunities and gaps in your current systems. You can do all of that pretty quickly and make changes to your website soon with Kajabi. Clicks, CTR, revenue, profit margins, and many other important metrics are tracked in real time with Kajabi. 6.

Implement beautiful emails and elegant funnels With this feature, Kajabi has tried to compete with Mailchimp and ConvertKit by allowing them to run email marketing campaigns. With the funnel builder, you are trying to beat Instapage, Leadpages, and ClickFunnels. Kajabi has default email marketing software that you can use to engage with your students and potential customers to keep them engaged with your products and eventually turn them into ambassadors for your brand.


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