According to the “Theory of Health Preservation” will lead to immortality

I won’t read it. This kind of thing about martial arts secrets is “a little bit of a loss, a thousand miles away”, and the two characters are called “professional”. But what we should pay attention to is that Ji Kang’s book is very popular. It is impossible for people to actually evaluate this article from the perspective of “prolonging longevity,” but the “Liansheng Lun” is not entirely a joke. Full of energy, light hands and feet, not drunk after a thousand cups… Let’s cut from this “historical fact”. Among the Seven Sages of Bamboo Forest, except for the two little friends Xiang Xiu and Wang Rong, the other five are all big wine tycoons in the world.

Good drinking, good health, and a real man have always been

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circulating in Chinese culture. Cao Pi is good at Taoism, and probably few people know about it. Cao Cao is a good wine, everyone should know a little bit about it. Meng Lan, no, Meng De Morocco Phone Number not only has both civil and military skills, but also loves to drink. He also commented on improved brewing methods. As the time sequence entered Cao Wei,and the literati, I also want to know. But still look at Ji Kang. Is Ji Kang in good health? very good. “Book of Jin” said that he once worked with Xiang Xiu under the big tree. However,

what chemical changes occurred between the wine

Xiang Xiu is relatively young, usually the young ones should take the big mallet, and the older ones should take the small mallet. But this record is not to emphasize that the Zhulin faction is strong and strong, but the Zhonghui is here again. I’m really not joking. In the Legend of the Seven Sages in the Bamboo Forest, all four of them communicated with Zhong Hui. Shan Tao, Wang Rong, and Zhong Hui are good friends. Friendship is good. As for Ruan Ji and Ji Kang? Facing an elder like Ruan Ji, Zhong Hui “fought” a lot more. I wanted to provoke and find a topic to refute Ruan Ji

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