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Since Tencent made up its mind to break the wrist and sold Yi Xun, Paipai, etc. to, the self-operated e-commerce business in the full sense has actually disappeared. However, Tencent is currently one of the major shareholders of and Dianping. Therefore, supporting and is also a matter of their own. In this regard, Tencent has indeed spared no Tunisia Mobile Number effort to spare no resources, and has provided a lot of traffic support to both and on the WeChat platform, especially, which has been placed at the first-level entrance. But at the same time,

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Tencent is secretly cooperating with independent e-commerce companies including Suning Tesco, thinking of monetizing WeChat traffic and user resources. Among them, WeChat and will distribute WeChat red envelopes of up to 1.8 billion yuan on August 18. By then, the circle of friends and WeChat groups of 600 million WeChat users will be flooded with WeChat red Tunisia Mobile Number envelopes again! But don’t forget, Suning Yixun is the most direct and powerful competitor of at this stage, which shows the uncertainty of Tencent’s WeChat e-commerce strategy. As for the third type, WeChat Store is obviously an open platform, and the direction is to build a wireless Taobao in the field of mobile Internet! The three modes of self-operation, joint operation and platform are mutually exclusive in nature. It is almost a delusion to want to do all three modes at the same time on the same platform.

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