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Now let’s see what Google has to say about this keyword. interest over time The first thing you’ll notice is this graph titled “Interest Over Time.” For twelve months the curve has oscillated between 80 and 100, but what does that mean? These numbers can be confusing at first, but they are actually easy to understand. These values ​​are called Trend data, they range from 0 to 100 and indicate search interest in a given topic as a proportion of all searches on all topics in a given place and time.

So, it is the relative popularity of the keyword compared to each search done on Google. The higher the value, the more trending a topic is, with 100 being the maximum value. In our case, dog training seems to be a very popular topic, consistently hovering above 80. This is because about 68% of American households have pets , a large portion of which are dogs. Compare multiple search terms Saudi Arabia Phone Number List With Google Trends, you can also compare the popularity of two or more search terms to see how well they compare to each other and pick the most promising ones.

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To do that, go back to the top of the page, click “Compare” and type in the second keyword. I’m going to go with “dog grooming”. While dog grooming isn’t far behind dog training, it does appear to be on a slight downward trend, so it’s probably not the best pick for content scheduled to release anytime soon. Refining your search You’ve probably noticed the four dropdown menus just above the chart. You can use them to refine your research with specific criteria: – Country : as in the previous page, you can change the country of choice to your liking. You can also choose “Worldwide” to get global results.

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Time Period: You can inspect data for the last hour, four hours, day, week, month, three months, one year, or even the last five years. You can also customize the time range as you like and even go back in time to 2004. – Categories : You can narrow the search area to certain topics like Arts & Entertainment, Beauty & Fitness, News, Science, Travel… or you can just click “all categories” if you want to stay broad. – Search type : You can select from web search, image search, news search, Google shopping, and YouTube search. However, you cannot go wrong by choosing all types.

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Now let’s see what else Google Trends has to offer. Interest by Region or Sub-Region Scrolling down the page, we find this box. As you can see, it breaks down search interest by sub-region, which is great for local SEO. States with the darkest shades of blue (Vermont, Alaska, etc.) have the highest Trend data, so dog training is trending more there. Knowing which sub-regions (or regions, if you did a global search) have the most interest helps you be more efficient with your content marketing by focusing more on those with the most interest. This can also help you target your content locally if that’s something your niche can cater to.

Related topics and related queries Scroll down the page again and you will find these two boxes. The “Related Topics” box shows topics that people are also searching for. The really interesting part is the “Related Queries” box on the right, which reveals the most used related keywords for a given topic. In other words, these are trending keywords. And if you haven’t noticed, they look like long tail keywords – the sweet spot in keyword research. Cloud Nine Dog Training and Dharma Dog Training seem to be popular competitors, so they are probably doing something right with their marketing. I could spy on them a bit and see what kind of content I can use for my own business. The percentages next to queries represent the growth of searches over time.

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