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In daily life, the “user experience” of offline AA collection is not good. First, you need to calculate how much everyone should pay. Second, this money is often not a whole number. You may not be able to collect the money on your body. Everyone is noisy Make a fuss about exchanging change or something, and then you may encounter a few “unscrupulous” friends who default List of US Mobile Phone Numbers on their debts in the name of not having enough money (later you forgot, and you’re embarrassed to ask for it)… and use the mobile phone’s AA to collect money, It can solve many inconveniences of offline AA. As the two “popular fried chicken” Alipay wallet and WeChat payment, now we will simply compare their AA collections.

Pak WeChat List of US Mobile Phone Numbers

In comparison, WeChat payment is somewhat “inhumane”. It cannot automatically count the number of people, and it cannot automatically notify friends. It has to fill out a “form”. In addition, it is necessary to click on “Friends Dinner”, “Entertainment” and “Other” “The interface entered by the option is basically the same, there is no “personalized” setting, and one more click is List of US Mobile Phone Numbers required. Several steps that can be omitted are not well optimized, and do not reflect the convenience of mobile phone AA collection. One point of complaining is that when you notify AA to collect money, you can share it in the circle of friends. Is this the rhythm to show off… Here, can you notify me after collecting the money…

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Restoring to the  real payment scene, in the end, everyone gathered together during the AA. The most urgent thing for the payee is to collect the money quickly. themselves. The List of US Mobile Phone Numbers efficiency of WeChat AA is not so high. The payee has to notify each person, or the payer scans the  code in turn. Sometimes the payer thinks that I can go home and pay!  And WeChat payment is not so smart (not to mention that most entertainment venues such as KTV

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