And to Protect It From Hackers, You’ll Need a Security Plugin.

All your audio is stored losslessly, and you can even schedule your releases. You get access to the full scope of SoundCloud analytics and full access to built-in controls. You can replace your tracks after uploading and also take advantage of SoundCloud’s promote feature to increase engagement. One downside of SoundCloud podcast hosting is that you can’t publish to other platforms with it. But the exposure you get from this platform is often well worth the price. 14. AUDIOBOOM Podcast Hosting Sites If you’re looking to aggressively monetize your content, AUDIOBOOM is the perfect podcast hosting site for you.

As long as your podcast gets more than 10,000 views per episode, you can take advantage of the platform’s dynamic advertising and sponsorships. With AUDIOBOOM, you can distribute your content to Apple Podcasts, CastBox, Google Podcasts, Deezer, iHeart, Spotify, and many other platforms with a single click. You can embed a podcast player on your website, social media page, or blog, and since it’s responsive, it’ll work on phones and tablets too! AUDIOBOOM is one of the most Portugal Phone Number affordable premium podcast hosting tools available, but the amazing features it offers make it an invaluable tool for growing your podcast. fifteen.

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Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Sites Buzzsprout has been in business since 2009, making it one of the oldest podcast hosts around. It has stood the test of time and is one of the most popular podcast sites for good reason. It is packed with features, and you can make use of many of them even if you use the free plan. One drawback is that free users can only upload two hours of content each month. The upside is that all Buzzsprout plans are very affordable and therefore give you access to advanced stats and unlimited storage.

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Your content is hosted indefinitely and you can add an unlimited number of team members as soon as you sign up. You can also import your content from other hosts for free, and the ability to create a custom website and embed a player for free gives your podcast a personal touch. The 250 GB per month bandwidth is enough to reach 40,000 users each month, and you can always upgrade to increase the reach of your podcast.

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Conclusion This list highlights the best podcast hosting sites available. There are free options, enterprise options, and everything in between. The current position of your podcast, your budget, and your vision for your podcast are, for the most part, what determines the right podcast hosting platform for you.

Finding the perfect platform is now as easy as comparing your needs to the features the platforms offer. You’ll be up and running in no time! Frustrated? Ever wonder how to get a freelance writing job as a beginner? What did you find? Few top-tier freelancing sites? It could be Freelancer, Upwork, and Elance… or some job microsites where you can earn $5-100 per task. You thought you will also buy a car within 6 months of joining one of these websites! You probably know a successful freelance writer who just bought his car… and you’re thinking you’ll do the same… Surely you can do this.

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