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Your home page content should clearly show who you are, what you do. Where you’re located (if you’re a local business), your value proposition, and what visitors should do next. Your site visitors should leave satisfied, not overwhelmed or disappointed, and definitely not confused. Take a look at our home page to see an example. Blue water marketing website on imac Conclusion In conclusion, SEO is much more than just keywords in today’s search environment.

Blue Water Marketing can help you understand the proper use of popups. Compelling organized content, and an attractive home page with. A clear definition of what you do will all help you improve your SERP ranking. Stay tuned for part 3 of this series. If all of this seems Georgia Phone Numbers overwhelming or will take up too much of your time. Stop by our SEO services page or give us a call so we can help. Jay Partington SEO & Web Design Manager Blue Water Marketing Stuart. FloridaSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a buzzword that bounces around the internet quite often in 2018.

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The method used to increase the ranking or frequency of a website on a website. the results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site.” In simple terms, SEO ensures that your website ranks higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) as Google or Bing. SEO practices change often due to Google’s multiple algorithm updates per year.As a result, marketers must constantly research each new update.Then adapt your SEO strategy to the latest update and finally find out if there is any reduction in organic traffic. Marketers are required to pay diligent attention to updates while committing to providing quality content.

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Myth #1: Submitting the site to Google While it’s important for a new site to submit its URL to Google, Google can still find your website without it being submitted. The submission of the site does not guarantee anything. Google uses “crawlers” to search the Internet and determine the website’s page ranking in the SERPs. Google defines crawling as Apple laptop with visible Google“the process of finding new or updated pages to add to Google ( Google crawled my website ). One of Google’s crawling engines crawls (requests) the page.

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The terms ‘crawl’ and ‘index’ are often used interchangeably, although they are different (but closely related) actions. You don’t need to worry about submitting your site to Google because the crawlers will find your site and index it in due time. Myth #2: Links are more important than content link image Old SEO practices are largely based on building as many links as possible without analyzing the linking domain. This used to be a very efficient practice to rank higher in the SERPs.

Fortunately, Google released Penguin 2.0 in May 2013, which changed the way links are used to rank websites. With the Penguin 2.0 update, link quality is now more important than link quantity. The update changed link building from a numbers game to a quality game. This, in turn, adds up that great content, like having relevant links, is much better for SEO practices while also offering a better experience for your website visitors. Myth #3: Site security is not important for SEO Have you ever visited a site and come across a warning message that the site is not secure? The difference between a secure and an insecure website is an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

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