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If you gather high-quality content and carefully choose the sites it will be published on. They could be used as an automated way to help “brand” your business. However, in general, they have been geared towards bulk link building and that is what most people use them for. These tools also allow you to spin content which basically leads. To very low quality content that is just a different version of content that someone else already used.

spun content Spun content or “Spinning” is when you take an article that has already been written and replace the synonyms with different words so that Google thinks the content is unique. So, for example, a line that says: Dog training can be difficult, but it is well worth the Armenia Phone Numbers and effort. A spun version of this sentence might say: Puppy training can be difficult, but it is well worth the time and patience. So as you can see they are basically the same sentence just with some words changed and added.

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Spun content is a big part of black hat link building. This is because Google doesn’t generally index duplicate content, so the goal is to try and make the content look unique to Google. Some popular spin software are WordAI, Spin Rewriter, and The Best Spinner. Black Hat Link Types Ok, now that you are familiar with the concept of spinning, let’s take a look at some of the different types of links that these automated tools will build. blog comments Unlike the blog comments discussed in the white hat tutorial, these are mass embedded comments with generally generic content.

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Therefore, nothing of value is added to the conversation and most of the sites these blogs are posted on are full of spam. These will usually be sites that are not maintained by anyone and have thousands of other spam comments on the page. Markers Bookmarks are links on sites like, Reddit,, etc. They are sites that allow you to post your link with a short description. Now there is nothing wrong with bookmark links. However, these tools will generally build them en masse and won’t stick to the highest quality sites. Branding your site once on the sites listed above or maybe a few more is a great idea and could be considered part of the “Branding” stage of building your site.

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However, these tools will create hundreds, if not thousands, of bookmarks on mostly low-quality. Unmaintained bookmarking sites, and this is where it gets a bit risky. Forum Profile Links Forum profile links are when the software creates accounts on different web forums. Then places backlinks to your website in the profile section of the user area. In 2008, these were the bee’s knees of backlinks. Easy to produce and potentially very powerful. However, these days you’re lucky if Google indexes 1 out of every 100 of these types of links you build.

They’ve also figured out a way to significantly devalue them, so they’re basically a waste of time in my opinion. Web 2.0 Profile Links The term Web 2.0 is, in my opinion. Outdated and overused, but it is nonetheless an extremely popular term. When it comes to gray hat and black hat link building. The term Web 2.0 is basically used to describe any website. That allows its users to create their own pages with a unique URL.Web 2.0 profile links are pretty much the same as forum profile links only on higher quality and reputable sites. Sites like Disqus or Myspace could be places where you. Can open an account and then place a link to your site within the profile.

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