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In the first place. Stay ahead! Yes, you need to stay up to date and ahead of your competitions in this digital world. You will realize this by reading this interview with sorav jain. Indeed, the fastest growing industry would be digital marketing these days. Every business needs modern marketing tactics Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number for their promotions and seo for their online growth. With the evolution of the mobile industry and internet facilities, digital marketing cannot be ignored. In such a case, we felt that sorav jain deserved to share his thoughts on this rapid change in the digital marketing industry. Interview with sorav jain of echovme the famous digital marketer and blogger featured on toi, indian express, the hindu and many more.  As a social media expert.

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In the first place. He launched his book on “social media for business”, and it is very successful. Subsequently, he wrote books on “becoming a brand” and “101 social media Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number content marketing tips”. All these achievements are not possible without difficulties or expertise. Let’s chat with sorav, how he is preparing for this and about his knowledge of digital marketing. Deployment! Exciting interview with sorav jain #1 give us a brief introduction on how you were introduced to the digital marketing field. I have always been drawn to the field of digital marketing from the start of my career. Initially, I worked as an seo analyst and content specialist.

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In the first place. And it turned out to be a great launch pad for me to learn the ropes of digital marketing. I saw great potential in the field from a business and promotional perspective and started releasing content under my personal brand. This eventually led to the launch of my own echovme agency, and as they say, the rest is history! #2 what is the ratio of businesses that still practice traditional marketing Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number tactics? How does conventional marketing always lead to digital marketing? When it comes to business, while some rely primarily on digital marketing to drive sales, there are a significant number of businesses that are in a cat-on-the-wall situation. As a rough estimate, the ratio is around 60 to 40 in favor of digital marketing, as most businesses have at least .

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