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In my mind, Weibo is a much greater product than WeChat. Although it is a bit embarrassing to see people compared to WeChat in terms of market value, WeChat is actually far inferior to Weibo in terms of social significance. Therefore, in the following article, I neither want to suppress nor praise it, but I just want to seriously discuss the future of Weibo and possible Jordan Mobile Number means of revitalization. The problem with Weibo is that there is neither Internet thinking nor product thinking, but more timing, social resources and luck. Specifically, compared with Xiaomi’s operations and WeChat’s products, Weibo’s various methods are very scumbags, so everyone has criticized Weibo. But on the other hand, this is also an opportunity.

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This is the same as the old story. Is there a broad market space or no market space for selling shoes on an island where no one wears them? From the perspective of Internet thinking, the existence of Weibo requires a role definition in a grand narrative, not just that I am there, or that I just want to make some money. On May 4, 1979, Thatcher famously said to his supporters on Jordan Mobile Number the steps of Downing Street: “Where there is confusion we bring harmony, where we are wrong we bring truth, where we doubt we bring trust, We bring hope when we are depressed.” This is a role definition under a grand narrative, and Weibo does not necessarily have to reach this level, but it is inherently a public product, and under a specific historical period, So have your own character definition. Having this kind of character definition and reinforcing it is like raising a flag and naturally having its own fans.

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The current feeling of Weibo is more like I make something, you play, I make a little money. It’s not as good as Luo Yonghao said, I’m not trying to win or lose, I’m serious. From the perspective of product thinking, Weibo needs to ensure the product experience first rather than busy making money. Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp has stunned everyone. But if you don’t interpret it in a wrong way, this thing may buy the future and users. With the future and users, you have everything. Without the future, you have nothing without users. I personally feel that this extreme thinking on SNS may have led to Facebook’s massive acquisition. For the sake of users, it is not possible to compromise on user experience to make money. From a behavioral point of view, WeChat understands this and Zhihu also understands this, but Weibo does the opposite. All kinds of advertisements

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