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Without worrying about my blog income? Am I ready to learn too many new things? Once you have crisp and clear answers to these questions, you are ready to go. Find a domain name for your blog A domain name is the name of your website. for example, or any website name is called a domain name . So once you’ve decided on the topic of your blog, the next thing is a domain name. Companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, BigRock are one of the top domain provider companies in the world.

So you’ll need to open any of the websites listed above to find the perfect domain name for your business. Here is the example searched for the domain name nd luckily it was available. Autopilot money making system You can also use some domain name generator tools to find good Venezuela Phone Number domains. After finding a suitable domain name for your business, you can continue with the registration process on the site and make the payment through your debit/credit card . Some things to keep in mind before buying domain names: Try the short name – Short names are easy to remember and recommend.

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So when your friend asks you the name of your website, it will be easy for you to tell him the names and remember it. Never buy digits in the domain name – Always avoid buying a domain name that has digits in the URL. for example, top1 . They always confuse people because most of the time they forget that it was a digit or it was written in words. Always prefer dot com: dot com domains are the best because it is an international identity. ICANN (domain provider) has differentiated domain names according to country, such as .in for India United Kingdom,for Pakistan, etc. Such domain names are good for targeting a single country. So having ntity is always the best option.

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Try to avoid adjacent double or triple letters – domains likee always confusing because we forget to add those repeated letters. Find a domain related only to your industry – Having a Dobe a dumb idea if you are going to start an iPhone blog . Your blog name should be a name specific to your business. I have bloggieach blogging, androidrore we share tech tips. So choose your domain name very carefully. Watch this video to learn how to find good domain names. Watch this video to learn how to reserve a domain name. 3. Find a good hosting for your blog You have selected your domain name.

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Now the question is: where are you going to store your data online? Your blog will have some text, images, videos and much more. Where are you going to store all that stuff on the internet? Here comes the role of hosting . A host is an online server that helps you store your data. So your domain name will be the name of your website, and all the data for that website will be stored on the server (called hosting). As data is a very important thing for your blog, you need to select the hosting company very carefully. I personally recommend GreenGeeks.

autopilot blog Here are the accommodation options they have. autopilot blogger As a newbie, you need SHARED HOSTING . Shared hosting has the same servers shared with many users, so this hosting is very cheaply priced compared to other hosting options. Select PRO Plan. Some things to consider before buying hosting Space – Your web hosting company should offer unlimited space. Unlimited domain names – GreenGeeks Like LITE plan allows you to create only one website on your hosting. This is why I suggested the PRO Plan above because it allows you to create unlimited websites on your server. So always go for the hosting that provides unlimited domains.

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