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SSL is defined as “a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between. A web server and a browser in online communication. The use of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and the browser remains encrypted. Essentially, an SSL certificate encrypts your website data to ensure protection against hackers. When a site does not have an SSL certificate, the beginning of the web address is displayed as. A website with an SSL certificate. The address is displayed as “Google announced that it had started using HTTPS as. A signal in its ranking systems for SERPs in August 2014.

Google stated that two websites with the same search result ranking (a tie. The website with an SSL certificate will have a higher ranking than a site without. Hubspot Research conducted a survey and found that 85% of people said they would not continue Ghana Phone Numbers browsing if a site is not secure. Site security is a must in today’s SEO environment. search bar image Myth #4: SEO is about being #1 Don’t get me wrong, ranking is very important to drive traffic to your website, but traffic is not the end goal here. SEO is about, yes, driving traffic to your site. But it’s also about ensuring that your traffic converts into valuable customers and readers.

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Studies of click-through rates and user behavior show that search engines favor the top search results. Particularly the top 3. Higher rankings don’t mean more search traffic, though. It is true that people will see your site, but that does not mean that people will visit it. There are a few reasons for this: SEO with Gears for Google Trying to rank for keywords that are not relevant to your site. To figure this out, make sure you choose your keywords using keyword research for SEO. Your meta descriptions, the description that displays in the SERPs below your link to your website, are not written with the user in mind.

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He tries to write his meta description as if he were talking about his business summary of his to a friend. The top result is not always an organic listing due to pay-per-click advertising (AdWords). Myth #5: Meta descriptions affect search rankings As explained above and as defined by, meta descriptions are “HTML attributes that provide concise summaries of web pages. They are between a sentence and a short paragraph and appear below blue clickable links on a search engine results page (SERP). However, depending on a user’s query, Google may extract the meta description text from other areas of your page (in an attempt to better answer the searcher’s query).” Google announced in 2009 that its crawlers do not use meta descriptions.

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Although meta descriptions do not directly affect search engine results, they are very important in driving traffic to your site. Without a well-written meta description, users are likely not to visit your site (clickthrough rate) due to the fact that your page doesn’t seem to meet their needs. Therefore, meta descriptions will not change your ranking in the SERPs. But they will encourage search engines to visit your page. what who when why image. Conclution In conclusion, there are many misconceptions about search engine optimization. This is mainly due to the fact that algorithms are constantly being updated and practices that once worked may now be outdated. Tune in to Blue Water Marketing again for the next part of this series.

If you think you don’t have the time or understanding, check out our SEO services or give us a call. Building funnels is critical to improving conversion rate optimization and overall ROI on marketing efforts. A marketing funnel is a kind of advanced and enhanced web development experience where. You don’t just develop and deploy landing pages based on your favorite elements and colors. You put a lot of effort into making landing pages as relevant as possible. Driving lots of conversions for your brand. Depending on the stage of the buyer’s journey (awareness, engagement, conversion, or retention. A good funnel can drive the most conversion for a brand. In this age of SaaS, you can instantly create a marketing funnel with the utmost ease.

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