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It covers just about every lifestyle and home improvement product you can think of when. It comes to leveraging POD for a dropshipping business. This wide variety makes it one of the favorite platforms to expand. The catalog without switching to any other solution and fulfillment provider. You can display more unique products and offer maximum variety without having to worry about compliance and other workarounds. CustomCat gives you an all-in-one platform to sell 300+ products from a single dashboard.

Connect with over 50,000 partners In the dropshipping business, partnering with a reliable fulfillment provider is essential, as explained in the previous section. But with apps like CustomCat, you can expand your reach to partners exponentially. The tool has partnered with local Senegal Phone Number and international vendors and factory outlets that print, package, and deliver products. CustomCat connects the two and provides a bridge for communication. Even if printing and shipping are not taken care of, the customer experience and delivery procedures are compromised.

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So you need to check that potential partners can deliver the kind of quality you expect. Along with the quality of service, you should also assess whether the partner covers the specific geographic locations based on your requirements. Let’s say a dropshipping print-on-demand solution provider covers countries in the Middle East and Asia, but targets the US and Canada. At that point, even if partners provide a superior, high-quality customer experience, if they can’t cover your geographic location, they can’t help your business grow. So along with the quality of the partners, make sure what locations they cover.

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Additionally, geographic location will also help you determine if they could provide faster shipping and delivery for your business. If they can do that, your brand’s perceived value and consumer experience will scale like anything. When it comes to CustomCat, you don’t have to worry about the quality of partners for leading geographic locations. They cover almost all the highlights. CustomCat has partnered with over 50,000 outlets and factories that will print and package your products. Thanks to 50,000 partners worldwide, whenever you want to move to any other location and expand your business, you will find a relevant partner only within the same platform.

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So you don’t have to switch to any other provider or app to fulfill orders to that particular geographic location. No minimum order quantity This is the most significant advantage of CustomCat. Third-party warehouse or logistics providers expect you to give them a fixed number of orders per month to use their services. Or you must buy a specific area of ​​the warehouse or store a few thousand products to use the services. In that scenario, your company needs financial backing to invest in such services. You have to buy the shares at wholesale price and secure your position in the warehouse to operate a sustainable business.

This type of business structure puts pressure on you to generate a minimum order quantity to meet designated requirements. With CustomCat, there is no scope for specific business deals because the tool works even if you generate one order per month or tens of thousands of orders per day. Allows maximum flexibility for POD store owners. There is no minimum order amount or upfront payment that you must cover to take advantage of the services. Competitive pricing structure to reserve maximum profit Dropshipping business models thrive on the number of products sold. You must fight for the number of products to earn more.

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