Celebrating Girl Power on International Egypt Phone Number

On Thursday, March 8, we saw something different. Women gathered in large groups and small.  And in ireland, women celebrated with great films of the world. It was international women’s day #iwd2018.A global day celebrating the social. Economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also calls for accelerating gender parity. Over the last six months, we have seen movements such as #timesup develop, and well.-known executives speak about the disparity between men. And women in industries across the board. Recently, here at marketo, we have been talking about the importance of .Being a “fearless marketer”, and today, we want. To focus that on the importance of being a “fearless woman” in the workplace.

There are many strong, capable women

in the workforce and the only thing that Egypt Phone Number is holding us back is fear. I see IWD 2018 as the perfect way to encourage women in business to be fearless in their approach to activities and actions we believe in and to take charge to drive innovation. With an increasing number of companies stepping up to drive digital disruption, such as Amazon, women in the workplace (especially in marketing) need to let go of their fear and embrace an innovative attitude.As a CMO, there are many ways I can translate being a fearless woman into my area of expertise. The recent growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great example. Agility is vital when it comes to being fearless.

If something doesn’t go quite right, then

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fearless women learn from it and apply these learnings to future actions. Click To TweetI learned this the hard way when, as the basketball team captain in high school, I missed a crucial shot in front of a crowd of three thousand—and my team lost.For women to be truly fearless, we must maintain a resilient mindset and an agile attitude in all situations to avoid recklessness. The fearless woman in business will act rationally and systematically to implement the best innovations for her company—creating wider business benefits, and encouraging other women to step up and embrace our fearlessness.

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