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Uncle Miao asked everyone on the spot, did Zhang Tianyi sell rice noodles and talk about his feelings, did he impress you? Judging from the reactions of everyone at the scene, 80% were not impressed. 2) What do you say if you don’t talk about your dreams? I think Croatia Mobile Number start-up products are more suitable for the unpretentious demand approach. What is the Law of Demand? It was something I wanted to do that I found no one else did. At this time, everyone found that you are more down-to-earth and more helpful to understand your products.

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For example, when the super course schedule was made, it was found that college students often asked each other about course schedules on and QQ groups. Man himself is a college student, he has this need. Another example of abuse is in the early days of Facebook, when Mark Zuckerberg compared beauties with handsome guys, which was actually a pao tool to meet new Croatia Mobile Number handsome guys and beauties. Uncle Miao reminded: I believe that when everyone makes a product, they have a reason to be comfortable with themselves. In fact, this is the most suitable for telling others. 3) The third is the contingency method. You are not so scheming to do one thing, it is an accidental factor that leads you to make a product and find that everyone likes it.

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In fact, I personally think that it is difficult to have something completely accidental, which is what I said at the beginning: tell the story of the product to tell the truth, but you can also have some processing. Recently, the circle of friends is very popular, almost all of them are  accidental methods, including Nervous Cat. Some public accounts are also accidental, such Croatia Mobile Number as the article by Nuan Nan. 4) The last one is the derivative method. To put it simply, when you are doing one thing, it is derived in another direction, and then you do it. At this time, some stories can be told. For example, Jack Ma started out as a B2B business, but after he became Taobao, everything changed. This is very typical.

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