Competitive Analysis Report of Baby Complementary Food App | How to do the baby food supplement market with the integration of various needs?

However  In 2017. The state food and drug administration issued the “Detailed rules for the review of the production license of auxiliary foods for infants and young children” (2017 version). Which is known as the strictest rules in history. Only food manufacturers who have obtained production licenses through strict review are eligible for consultation. Production of complementary foods for infants and young children. The standardized system has higher requirements for enterprises. Enterprises that used to have no rules will carry out rectification. And the industry reputation will be better.The “Guidelines for nutritional supplementary foods for infants and young children”.


Which will be implemented on november 1. 2020. However Is of great significance to the development of the entire industry. This standard specifies that healthy full-term infants and young children aged 6 months to 24 months should be supplemented with complementary foods. Basic principles and supplementary food addition guidance and complementary food production requirements by age group. It not only allows mothers to be confident about complementary food feeding. But also provides evidence-based education in the complementary food market. And also regulates the production of complementary food enterprises.

 Economic level

However ,In the past two years, although the two “rigid needs” of milk powder and diapers are still the core categories of maternal and infant consumption, complementary Oman Phone Number snacks in infant food supplements have become “new top-notch”, which can be seen from their popularity by capital. According to the data in Figure 4, there will be 15 investment and financing events in the auxiliary snack track in 2021. Both Dumaomao and Wo Xiaoya have completed 3 financings within a year, and Akita is full of 2 rounds of large financing. However  New cutting-edge brands such as Huangxiang, Full Score Niuniu, and Yukei also received angel round financing.


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 Social level


In 2019. The penetration rate of complementary food for infants and young children in china was only about 25.0%. The proportion of complementary food and milk powder consumption in mainland china was 1:7. That in hong kong. Macao and taiwan in china was 1:4. And that in developed countries such as europe and the united states was 1:1. Iimedia research analysts believe that. At present. China’s overall consumption of infant food supplements is far lower than that of european and american countries. And there is still much room for improvement.


The society and the media are promoting the importance of healthy eating. And the concept of healthy eating is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As shown in figure 5. Young people born in the 1990s attach great importance to personal health and the health of their children. At present. Most of the parents of newborns aged 0-3 are born in the 1990s. Which makes the development of the mother and baby industry steadily improve.

2. In april 2022. The china nutrition and health food association released the “China infant complementary food industry development report”. In terms of certified companies. The “China infant complementary food industry development report” pointed out that by the end of 2021. The national infant and young children’s complementary food certified enterprises the number was 160. A significant increase from 127 at the end of 2020.


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