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Content marketing has come into its own in recent years. It’s proven itself as an effective strategy to attract prospects. Generate leads, and drive conversions for brands of all sizes. The beauty of content marketing is that it comes in many formats.  To videos, your content can be versatile and dynamic when in the right handstan important strand of content marketing is seo or search engine optimization. Seo is a crucial part of your content strategy if you want to get it foun on search engines.

The More Seo-optimized Your Content is

Hubspot’s state of marketing report 2021 found that 82 percent  of marketers invest in content marketing with 60 percent France Phone Number measuring its success through sales. As such a successful digital marketing specialism, it’s important to understand the key content marketing and seo trends coming down the line in 2022.All content marketers know how important it is to rank on the first serp on google. Research by sastry found that the click-through rate for the first position on google was 25 percent which falls dramatically to just 2.5 percent for content in the tenth position.

This Just Shows the Power of Your Position on

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In addition, Google search. However, it’s now getting harder to rank organic content on the search engine as it presents more of the results of its products. Kate toon, seo and content expert says: “when you search for a hotel, you get google’s accommodation engine now. So, we’re moving towards more branded search. From a tech point of view, the core web vitals update (in 2021) was huge and usability is something google’s pushing for, not just in terms of speed, but how your page loads.

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