How to Use Blogger Dashboard and Its Main Functions

Well, now IDwebhost friends understand what a Blogger dashboard is, which is a page to manage your blog content. If you look closely, there are various options that you can use. So, what are the functions of these menus? Here are some of the functions of the blogger dashboard menu: 1. Therefore, Blogger Post dashboard menu Post, has a function to manage content or blog posts. In this menu, you can edit, delete and publish it. The Post menu will display a list of posts containing information about visit statistics, number of comments, posting date, category and also who the author is. 2. Statistics menu The Statistics menu will provide a statistical display of visits from the blog.

If You Use Blogger

You will get a feature that can be used to Indonesia Mobile Number see how many visitors your website or blog has. Starting from day, month and year visit statistics to overall visit time statistics (all time). In fact, the latest version is equipped with post statistics, comments, and also the number of followers. 3. Comments Menu Comments from visitors on posts provide special interaction between authors and visitors. With incoming comments, it means that the content you have is interesting for readers. In this menu, you can moderate, reply, and delete comments from visitors. The more comments, the better and interesting the articles you publish. 4. Menu Earnings Earning or income is the most attractive menu for bloggers who want to earn.

As is Known That Google Has

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AdSense ad network, which is to be able to display ads from Google and earn money. If your blog is already crowded with visitors with a decent number of articles, you can register for Google AdSense through this menu. 5. Menu Pages For completeness of the website, of course there are supporting pages such as About Me, Contact, Privacy Policy, or Disclaimer. Now on the Pages menu you can create static pages for the completeness of your website or blog. 6. Blogger Dashboard Layout Menu This layout menu aims to customize the appearance of the blog. The trick is simply drag and drop. You can adjust the layout of each menu on the blog very easily.

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