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Organic last entries my twitter profilemy google+ profilemy linkedin profile melina diaz creative communication at fuego yámana creative communication in fuego yámana. Graduated in social communication and specialized in cultural journalism. Passionate about writing and art. How to create predictive web content that connects with your customers by melina diaz | jul 24.

2017 | contents predictive web content when creating a website. Brands usually start from what they want to tell. It is logical: they want to make visible what they are interested in promoting and selling. However. We are living in times after one-way communication in which the brand advertised and users read. Now consumers want to find what they want to see and hear.

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And for this. It is no longer enough to create messages based on intuition. But to use predictive web content based on the results previously obtained from the visits themselves. What Jamaica phone number if you knew which visitors are most likely to respond to a marketing campaign or promotion? Or if you found out which customers you are at risk of losing and could do something to retain them and reduce the likelihood of them leaving?

What if you knew the best cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with your consumers? What if you and your company knew the best action to take with each contact right now? How would knowing the value of the customer throughout their entire purchase cycle help your brand? What if you could easily find a way to increase not only one-time visits but also repeat visits to strengthen loyal and profitable relationships with your prospects?

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Can you imagine what would happen if you could offer a customer experience that is smarter. More personalized and simpler ? For many organizations focused on the user experience. Having the answers to these questions would be like seeing a dream come true. Creating positive brand bonds and memorable customer connections is a goal that many businesses still strive to achieve. Immersed in the era of the empowered customer .

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