Depth | Why does AR have a definite future? How will AR affect our lives?

The original intention of writing this article, on the one hand, is to review my accumulation and contribution since I engaged in the AR industry at the end of the year, and on the other hand, because of the lack of in-depth introduction to AR and life on the Internet, I wrote this article.

Next, let’s talk about why AR has a deterministic future and what impact AR will have on our lives.

1. What is the AR endgame experience like? How does it affect our lives

First of all, let’s take a precaution. To be honest, no one can tell what the end of AR will be, but if I am a qualified industry practitioner, as a product person in the AR industry, I must take the initiative to think about this matter.

On the one hand, the development of the company requires us to do this. On the other hand, a good product manager must have the heart to develop products and users together. What he does is not only focusing on the functions and interests of the products at hand, but also The obligation to do our best to promote the development of the industry and the common prosperity of the society.

Musk, who admires Tesla very much at this point, announced in 2019 that he would disclose some of Tesla’s patents (the terms attached to his patent opening are not discussed here), which has promoted the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Therefore, I will also share some thinking methods of AR software products to those who need it at the right time, hoping to play a role in promoting the development of the AR industry.

So, what does the future of AR look like? I will share in the framework of “needs, society, technology” and “behavior change, habit change, attitude change” .

Let’s start with a clear definition of AR:

First of all, this article does not discuss whether the brain-computer interface will replace AR implemented by wearable devices, because that is too far away; nor does it discuss AR contact lenses such as “Mojo x”, which are likely to be Albania Phone Number fooling products, because they have no perception. realistic ability.

 The emergence of civil aircraft has brought people from different regions closer

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Back in modern times, AR was mobile before, and the two were positioned similarly. Under the development of creating a graphical interface and 4G network, mobile phones help humans to achieve efficient and emotional communication by integrating pictures, text, and audio-visual communication. However, in the case of obtaining information, the sensory channel of mobile phones for humans to obtain information is a relationship of “keep in touch”, not a relationship of “as needed”.

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