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He higher you are in your ranking, the more people will click on your link and the more traffic you will get. So if you were ranked in the top 3 for “golf clubs” you would get. A lot of traffic to people who want to buy and know about golf clubs. The great thing about SEO is that unlike those guys who pay for ads at the top. You get the traffic for free as long as your rankings are good. How do I rank higher? Good question! Unfortunately, this is where things get tricky and why SEO is big business. How search engines work how-search-engines-work First. We need to know how search engines work. Search engines have spiders…these are little bots that crawl the web quickly and on a large scale.

Crawling means they scan your web page, learn what it is about, then scan the links on your page and follow them to get scanned. After scanning your page, the search engine decides if it is important enough to be indexed. Indexing is whether or not your page can be found in the search engine. You can check if a page is indexed in Google by typing “info:” before the URL in the Google search box. Not all pages make up the Google index. the index, Google uses hundreds of different factors in its Cambodia Phone Number algorithm to determine how a page ranks and what keywords it will appear for. Not only that, the algorithm changes often and no one but Google knows exactly how it works. A little history The late 90’s, early 2000’s were the golden age of SEO.

Identified With a Lightning Bolt Symbol in the Serps.

If you wanted to rank for the term “golf clubs” you could simply fill your page with the phrase “golf clubs” and. The more you did that, the better chance you had of ranking higher. Over the years, search engines have gotten smarter and the algorithms. They use to determine which pages rank for which search terms are very complicated. No one knows the full formula, but there are a few basic things that we as SEOs know work. backlinks The grandfather of all! Backlinks are the most important aspect of ranking on Google. What are backlinks you ask? A backlink is simply when one page links to another page.

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For example, the Wikipedia article on backlinks is a backlink to the “Wikipedia article on backlinks”. When Google was founded, the heart and soul of its algorithm used what is called “PageRank”. Before Google and PageRank, search engines simply crawled the web and used the content of pages to determine what should rank where. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who founded Google, had a better idea. They realized that when people link to another web page, they are essentially voting for that page.

The Amp Symbolizes a Faster Load Time

So if I have a blog and I link to basically vouching for this website. The more sites that link to a page, the more votes it will get and the higher it should rank! Well… not so fast. PageRank is smart. He realized that certain websites are more authoritative than others. Therefore, a link from my blog should not be counted the same as a link from a reputable and authoritative site like or PageRank accounts for all this. 1 link from a highly authoritative site could count as much as thousands of links from smaller sites.

So without getting too technical, the idea behind PageRank and the backbone of the entire Google algorithm is that the more links and authorized links you have, the higher you should rank in Google. However, as I said before, Google’s algorithm is especially complicated. Although this is one of the most important factors, it is not the only factor. Contents The second most important ranking factor is content. Google will claim ad nauseam that “content is king.” The reality is that the content is more like a prince or a princess. Backlinks are king, but the content has to be up to the task too. Google has added a lot of checks into its algorithms to make sure that thin and uninformative content doesn’t rank well.


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