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If you have 100 backlinks pointing to your page, it would be natural for some links to have your page title as the anchor text, some would just be your URL, some would say things like “click here” or “read more”. I think you get the idea. When building backlinks, make sure your anchor text looks natural. Don’t over-optimize for certain keywords, but with that said, make sure you don’t ignore how useful keyword-based and descriptive anchor texts can be. Yes, everything in moderation. Don’t overdo it! Page Relevance Another factor that is important to know when it comes to building backlinks is the relevance of the page that contains the link.

If you are in the dog training niche, having backlinks from other dog training related pages makes sense and may have more value. This is not to say that irrelevant pages don’t count. The biggest problem comes when most of your links come from irrelevant sites. This could be a sign to Belarus Phone Numbers Google that you are trying to game their system through link building and can lead to links being devalued or worse, penalized. Dofollow and Nofollow There are 2 types of links. Dofollow links pass the Pagerank (also known as link juice) of the original page to the page it links to. Nofollow links do not exceed Pagerank. All links are dofollow unless they contain the rel=”nofollow” tag.

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Now it looks like we’d only want dofollow links, right? Well these days it is better to have a good mix of dofollow and nofollow links as having only dofollow links would not look natural in the eyes of Google and could lead to penalties. I only mention this because I have seen many marketers try and only create dofollow links. This is not a good strategy. I recommend just building quality links and not worrying too much about whether they are dofollow or nofollow. Also, just because nofollow links don’t pass link juice doesn’t mean they don’t count for anything in Google’s algorithm. For example, we know that Google takes into account the title of a web page within its algorithm.

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The page title does not exceed Pagerank, but it is still part of the algorithm. Think of nofollow links in a similar way. They may not pass link juice, but they probably count in the algorithm somehow. Knowing your goals and strategies Link building is the best way to help increase your rankings, but before you start, you really need to know what your end goals are and your overall strategy. Is your website something you want to grow over time and be a long-term asset? Then you really should focus on building high-quality white hat links.

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Conversely, is your website something you don’t expect to last in the long run, maybe it’s a shake and burn style website? Well, then the slow and steady growth that comes with white hat link building may not be worth it. This is where black hat link building may be the preferred option. Either way, just make sure you know what the big picture of your site is before you start your link building campaign because the wrong strategy can end up causing long-term ranking effects. what we learned In part 6 of our tutorial, you should now know the basics of link building and have a good understanding of the main components that make up backlinks and link passing.

Backlinks are the most important factor when it comes to ranking your website Link building is the process of actively trying to get backlinks from other websites and getting them to link to our site. 2 Types of link building white hat link building and black hat link building Page and domain metrics are important to know how much link juice a backlink would pass Pages with higher metrics will generally transmit more link juice than pages with lower metrics. Anchor text helps Google determine which keywords and terms pages should rank for. Backlink page relevancy can be an important factor in Google’s algorithm, so keep this in mind when building links.

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