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With how information technology has deeply penetrated every aspect of our lives, the world needs skilled IT professionals to make it possible for organizations to leverage the right technology and create, sustain, and innovate the IT infrastructure. One such organization that is transforming the IT landscape is Tongliao Phone Number DXC technology. The organization hires skilled professionals through various rounds of interviews. Candidates who aspire to be a part of the organization will find great help as they go through common DXC interview questions.

When preparing for an interview, knowing about the company, the hiring process, structure of the interview, and career prospects at the organization can help the candidate be better prepared for being hired. This article aims to provide aspiring candidates with useful details about the hiring process, common interview questions, and some tips that can help make the preparation process a lot more efficient and fruitful. Without any further ado, here’s everything you need to know if you plan to join DXC Technology.

About DXC Technology

DXC Technology is a service-based company that offers mission-critical solutions to global enterprises, enabling them to carry out private, public, and hybrid cloud operations through innovation and technical expertise. With 18 offices in 10 major cities of India, over 700 customers and 40 years of experience in addressing their core challenges to offer focused solutions, and with over 40,000 talent bases, DXC Technology is a reputed company and a trusted choice among global enterprises. DXC Technology provides services that help improve the performance, customer experience, and competitiveness for its clients. This makes the organization an exciting choice for freshers and experienced professionals alike in the field of information technology, offering an array of career opportunities.


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DXC Technology Recruitment Process

The DXC recruitment process involves various rounds of interview, including a written test, an aptitude round, and an objective and technical round. However, before preparing for the respective rounds, it helps to go through the eligibility criteria to ensure you are qualified for the job role you’re applying for. Here’s a brief set of criteria that candidates must met when applying at DXC Technology.


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