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One theory posed in the panel discussion is that content marketers often. Lack solid metrics they can grab onto so they fall back on using. The Asia Mobile Number analytics available on virtually every social media platform to prove content’s value. Panel participant Maureen Jann, founder of agency SuperDeluxe Marketing, subscribes to this view: “I honestly believe that engagement. At its core, is a desperate bid of marketers. To feel like their content matters. But the reality is, unless. It becomes Asia Mobile Number genuinely measurable in a real meaningful way. On a measurable attribution path, it just feels sad. Then To feel like their content matters. Says SuperDeluxeMo via cmicontent.

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CMWorldCLICK TO TWEET HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: Stop Wasting Time: Review Your Website Analytics Nail Your Content Asia Mobile Number Performance With This Measurement Starter Kit Engagement lacks proper standards for comparison and evaluation An additional issue raised in the discussion by marketing consultant Dennis Shiao is that no industry standard exists on how to take all those individual metrics and calculate engagement. “Everyone has their own definition,” he says. “Then to Asia Mobile Number compound the confusion, each platform and even each analytical tool will measure in a different way. You can take the data from one place, but it’s not comparable from one to the other.

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Relying on “vanity” engagement analytics is also problematic. Because the marketing value of the interactions. Can be interpreted differently. Depending on Asia Mobile Number who’s doing the engaging. Here’s a personal example: When I’m researching a topic for a CMI blog post, I might visit a company’s social media page several times, comment on their posts, or click a link to interact with another piece of content so I can characterize the information accurately in my writing. But despite all the time Asia Mobile Number I spent “engaged” with that business. With a sales rep or have any intention of making. a purchase. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: 3 Fixes for Your Engagement Measurement Mistakes It’s hard to resist the allure of social likability Marketers.

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