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But there are more aspects to be considered in the product I am making now. The user is not only seeing with his eyes, but also controlling it himself. We don’t know how the user ultimately interacts with the product. We create In the process of product, not only need to think ‘can users see the most important information?’, but also ‘is this action Albania Phone Numbers intuitive enough?’ ‘is this animation correct’ and many other issues to consider.”Jenny manages the day-to-day operations of the Path product design team and graphic design team. Allocate relevant resources mainly based on design needs; on this basis, take into account the priority control of the project; in addition, communicate some decisions to this awesome team; she is also the art director of Path’s cooperation with some external companies.

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If you think she’s a senior leader who doesn’t listen to the outside world, you’re wrong! She will also mingle with the designers, and sometimes even complete some projects with the staff, instead of pointing the country behind everyone’s Albania Phone Numbers back! Whether it’s cutting budgets or drafting sketches for new pages, Jenny is there to help. Let’s get close to Jenny Ji and see how her day goes! 8:00 am I will not point the country! Interview with JENNY JI, Design Director of Path Jenny always has a warm cup of coffee before leaving her warm apartment for work.

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On the left, Jenny is sitting in her favorite Plycraft antique chair, with a matching ottoman. This antique piece of furniture was given to her by a professor, and here is what Jenny had to say: “This chair is old, I repaired and repainted it. I love sitting here, whether it’s working from home or on weekends. It’s time to bring a good book and the time these Albania Phone Numbers chairs are with me reminds me of that old professor who was a bit eccentric but he was a great artist who would push all his students out of what we were taught about structural graphic design Concept, let us see a whole new world.” How did Jenny’s morning start? “I’m not a morning person, so my mornings are nothing special.

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