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The built-in social media tracker not only manages and tracks your social media presence, but also your competitors. You can demystify what they do on sm, what content they publish, their most effective sm practices, etc. – in other words, semrush offers almost Italy Phone Number all the critical metrics to boost all your seo campaigns . In contrast, similarweb doesn’t exactly have a social media seo strategy. The furthest it offers when it comes to social media is traffic analysis. Italy Phone Number However, you can perform basic sm analysis, such as finding traffic ratings associated with a specific site. Used correctly, reports can reveal the total number of visits from social sources, referred social pages, corresponding traffic shares, and even potential sm marketing opportunities. If the review above wasn’t clear enough, semrush wins these rounds hands down.

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Similarweb still has a long way to go here. Semrush vs similarweb – finally, it’s time to discuss plans and pricing! With both going the affordable route, semrush and similar web. However, it takes different approaches when it comes to pricing their plans, one being priced per Italy Phone Number tier while the other is priced per quote. Well, let’s take a closer look then; semrush armed with three fixed-price plans and a customizable enterprise edition for larger businesses/agencies, the cheapest plan called “pro” starts at $99.95 for a month and is available for $83.28s. Is billed annually. Aimed primarily at small and medium-sized businesses, the next plan is “guru”. Usually, this one will cost you $199.95 per month. But if you want to save $400, you can.

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Opt for its annual version, priced at $1999.40. Then we have the business plan, which is mainly for companies that have a huge footprint, like e-commerce sites, advertising agencies, etc. You can get it now for $399 per month or $3999 if you’re okay with the billing. Finally, semrush also offers “priced by quote” premium plans for enterprise users with additional needs. To Italy Phone Number find out what these plans offer and the differences between them, we advise you to check out their site, as they often change things. Italy Phone Number Unfortunately, there is no free version for semrush. But there is a 14-day free trial, which you can use to evaluate their premium plans. How to get free access to semrush pro? Yes, I said well. You can access the premium features of semrush for free. Here is an exclusive offer to use semrush pro for 14 days free of charge .

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