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In the first place. Grammarly Facebook and twitter account to know more about grammarly. #11 grammar vs. Antidote like grammarly, antidote is available for windows, mac and linux. But you don’t have its free version to get hands-on experience. The tool consists of three main modules: corrector, dictionary and guide. Antidote corrector can flag a wide variety of clerical errors in one go. It includes Ghana Phone Number spelling, grammar, typos, repetitions, dull verbs, letter capitalization, subject-verb Ghana Phone Number agreement, redundancies, and more. Its dictionary can give you the detailed definition of any word in your text, its pronunciation, conjugation, etc. Above all, its guide helps you know all aspects of writing with a clear description of grammar rules and its exceptions. Anti-oops – its ai-enabled email platforms can even understand your handwriting and highlight if an attachment is missing.

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In your email, etc. Antidote mobile is available for iPhone, ipad and ipod touch in two different languages: English and french. Comparing antidote with Grammarly, Grammarly may not support French. But healthy, Grammarly can bring you several benefits – free version, check Ghana Phone Number against 400 grammar rules, plagiarism checker, and more. And grammarly also gives you a native desktop app and add-ons for the most popular browsers for easy access. You may not see these features on antidote. However, the latest version of antidote offers 120 new features. Of course, it has to be the most competitive tool for Grammarly. By the way, grammarly has its exclusive version for academic professionals and students, grammarly edu. If you are french write then antidote must be the winner – no sense antidote vs grammarly compared.

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In the first place. For english writers, grammarly would be the  perfect tool. #12 grammar vs. Write check write check is one of the dominant writing tools for students. It can alsoGhana Phone Number handle spelling and grammar checks and plagiarism. The tool compares your article with other articles online (or in its database) and lets you know if a citation has been copied. Cleverly, the tool highlights Ghana Phone Number the particular phrase notifying the duplication percentage. By using writecheck, you can also check for spelling, grammar, and word usage errors in your essays. How can grammarly favor you over writecheck? The pricing model in writecheck is based on the number of articles you want to check. For students, this can be optimal. But for professional writers or online editors, it will not be appropriate. The grammarly premium annual plan can help you save reasonable money with unlimited checks. #13 grammar vs. Google docs I hope you may be familiar with google docs.

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