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WordFence Security Plugin, however, is one of the most popular security plugins available. This plugin has many capabilities, but its main purpose is to protect your site from being hacked . Also, they bring updates from time to time to protect your site from any latest hacking technology. 6. Updraft plus plugin-updraft-for-wordpress Making a blog with themes and features takes a lot of effort. Therefore, all your efforts must be secured somewhere before you decide to experiment with something new. This is the work of UpdraftPlus.

It is a blog backup plugin, which backs up your blog when you decide to change the theme or features of your site. You don’t have to worry about your blog system once you install this plugin. Even if your blog gets hacked and your system goes down, you’ll always find a backup with Norway Phone Number UpdraftPlus. 7. Contact Form 7 plugin-contact-form-for-blogs Contact forms are an invaluable way that you allow your audience to contact you. But WordPress does not come with built-in contact forms. Contact Form 7 is an open source plugin that allows you to add contact forms to your website for free.

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The forms are highly customizable and Contact Form 7 also allows you to send a personalized subscription confirmation email to each user who signs up. It also provides a referral source that can be helpful in tracking your audience, making it a must-have plugin for every WordPress setup. 8. Ultimate Shortcode shortcode-must-have-plugin-for-blog You can use Shortcodes Ultimate in the post editor, text widgets, and even template files. In fact, there are many things that you can add with the help of Shortcode Ultimate, such as: tables Boxes dividers Videos columns Tabs menus google map locations sliders QR codes 50+ shortcodes available, one-click embed and RTL support make it the right plugin for WordPress sites for every purpose.

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The feature-rich free plugin is perfect for blogging. 9. Pretty Links pretty-links-must-have-plugin-for-blog Now, this is a unique plugin. But after learning about its features, you will see why it is a must-have WordPress plugin. Pretty Links is a popular URL shortener, link cloaking, and affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress blogs. It also allows you to automatically shorten, modify and add affiliate links to your content. It will help you shorten your links for marketing purposes and give your link a professional look. In addition to increasing your affiliate income, Pretty Links will also help you monetize your new and existing content.

After Opening Your New Blog.

Additionally, the plugin will intelligently distribute your affiliate links throughout your content. 10. crush smush-must-have-plugin-for-blog Smush is a free image optimization tool plugin for WordPress. It allows you to freely optimize, resize and compress the images you use on your blog. Optimizing the images you use on your site is essential to keep up with the loading speed. So this may be a necessary tool for this purpose. The unique thing about this plugin is that it automatically optimizes the images you put on your blog. So no manual labor is used, which means you’re also saving time.

Elementor _ Elementor-best-wordpress-plugin This is one of those few plugins that you will need right at the beginning of your blog creation. It is a website builder plugin. Elementor is not only helpful in creating a great looking blog, but it can also help in creating any WordPress website. Its key features include drag-and-drop interference, customizable layout options, available undo and redo options, and built-in maintenance mode for different circumstances. With the latest WordPress Gutenberg blocks, you can skip the Elementor but overall, Elementor gives you a playing field to play around with different blocks. 12. OptinMonster optinmonster-plugin-for-blogs Transforming your audience into subscribers is not very easy.

That is why OptinMonster helps to attract subscribers through popups, sliders and other notification features to engage your viewers. OptinMonster is the leading WordPress lead generation and conversion optimization plugin. It helps you develop stunning subscription forms to convert your abandoned blog readers into subscribers. 13. Social Plugin Social-Snap-Wordpress-Plugin These days, social bookmarking is crucial to getting a foothold in SEO marketing. You can do this by putting the

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