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Support : This is very crucial. Your hosting company must have a 24×7 support system. In the case of any problem, you can contact them at any time and solve your problem. Bandwidth : This is a bit of a technical term. In short, your bandwidth decides how much traffic (number of visitors) your website can handle. So always look for unlimited bandwidth. Ease of Administration – Various companies offer different types of administration panels to manage hosting. I would recommend going for cPanel because this is one of the easiest dashboards to host. Here are the steps to purchase a hosting plan. Step 1 : Click on this link to activate the discount. Step 2 – Click the Get Started button on the site.

start blogging today Step 3 – Select the PRO plan as you can host an unlimited number of sites and you will get a FREE SSL certificate and SSD hard drive. make money on autopilot Step 4 – Select the “ I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers ” option if you have already purchased a domain. Websites to make money on autopilot Step 5: Select the number Vietnam Phone Number of years. make money online autopilot Only $59.40 for the first year. Step 6: Add your personal information and credit card information and submit. Congratulations!! You have purchased your hosting. 4.

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Blog content management system This is the system that will help you add content to your blog. I’m using WordPress for this blog, which is one of the world’s leading content management systems, with over 60 million websites running on it. This is as simple as working with Microsoft Word. They have provided an amazing visual editor that you can use to do various activities like bold, italic, underline, hyperlink, color, font, font size, etc. This is how it looks: make money on autopilot for free With this editor, you can play around with your content and render it as per your site requirements.

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WordPress gives you the freedom to install plugins that will enhance the functionality of your blog. In my recent article, I talked about all the plugins that I am using on this blog. You can refer to that article and install the necessary plugins on your blog as well. Why only WordPress? This is the most used CMS in the world for blogs. This is an open source platform where you can develop whatever you want. You can install the new design with one click. Managing this platform is very easy. Many hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation from the admin panel. This gives you the freedom to easily enhance with the help of plugins. In the event of any problem, you can get help from thousands of WordPress users in the community. And there are tons of other advantages that you will come to know after using this CMS.

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You can read my guide on how to install WordPress for more information. After installing WordPress and configuring all things, check out the plugins I’m using on my blog and learn how to install plugins here. 5. Take all social media identities All major companies have integrated social media into their business. They are pitching their products exclusively on social networking sites and engaging directly with their customers. So the first task after buying a domain, hosting and configuring WordPress is to capture all of your social media identities. You can check the availability of your business at Here is the availability of my bloggingcage username on various social networking sites. 6.

Find a perfect theme for your blog WordPress has tons of themes. You can choose the theme based on your blog category and easily install it. You can check the guide to install a WordPress theme here. I personally recommend Genesis, MyThemeShop, and ThemeForest to find a perfect theme for your blog. On ThemeForest, you can select the theme from various categories, such as creative, blog, retail, entertainment, technology, real estate, education, and other categories. Some things to consider before buying a WordPress theme Be sure to purchase an unlimited sites license. The theme should be easy to handle.

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