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But to use all of them, you have to pay a lot, and on the other hand. FunnelFlux comes with a ton of features and costs only $99/month. FunnelFlux is a phenomenal tool for affiliate marketers that can take your tracking game to a whole new level. As we have discussed so far and will discuss below, FunnelFlux is worth investing in for affiliate marketers. FunnelFlux’s unparalleled tracking gives you complete control and detailed understanding of your campaigns. If you don’t have a system in place to test your affiliate links, you’re in big trouble. Let me share why you should seriously consider tracking affiliate links. Why Affiliate Link Tracking Is Important Your affiliate links are the source of your affiliate income.

Therefore, links are of absolute importance. 1. Optimize earnings It is only through your affiliate link; web visitors will be redirected from your page to the products or services page. Where they can make a purchase that results in a conversion to your site. The link is the fundamental element between the publisher and the brand. So if you want to optimize your income through Ivory Coast Phone Number affiliate marketing, you need to create a system where your links can be clicked and tracked to measure engagement, effectiveness, and trustworthiness. 2. Evaluate your locations Measuring the performance of your links. Is all about getting an idea of ​​your performance and engagement on the web.

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This will help you understand where to place your link and. Whether or not your customers click or engage with them. funnelflux-analytics-dashboard 3. Identify opportunities If you know the best source your visitors are coming from. You will know which channel deserves your energies and how you should go all out for that particular channel. It can only be achieved by tracking your links and understanding which. Is the number one source that gives you the best conversion of visitors. Determine the effectiveness of the design I’ll help you identify which landing pages get the most clicks, engagement, and traction across your entire website.

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You can understand the aesthetics of the landing page that made users click the links and replicate the same UI/UX on other important pages to get similar results. 5. Understand your readers When you track your affiliate links, you will know what your users like and interact with the most. Supposedly, you have identified that your affiliate links get more clicks on a blog post instead of a banner placement. Similarly, the YouTube video of him generated more affiliate conversions than the podcast episode, and so on. In this case, you will know the expectations of users based on the type of content format with which they interact. You can then plan your content production according to

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your users’ expectations and eventually scale your activities. When it comes to FunnelFlux, they have a ton of features that will help you take your affiliate link tracking activities to a whole new level. Let us understand all those features in more detail. Features of FunnelFlux Below are the features of FunnelFlux that you will experience: 1. Very fast redirects When using a link tracking tool, there is latency that the server must deal with in order to execute effective redirects.

If the tracking mechanism is not strong, the browsing experience of the readers will be significantly affected. funnelflux-features But with FunnelFlux, you won’t end up in certain situations thanks to its ultra-fast redirects. They are fast, agile, and robustly built, so the end user won’t even notice a second’s latency while browsing the site. 2. Funnel Builder

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