Final Thoughts I Hope You Enjoyed the Crash Course in Seo.

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO and should never be overlooked You want to. Target keywords that drive traffic There are different ways to find a niche. Make sure you choose the right option for you Don’t target keywords that are too competitive. Make sure there is at least some search volume so we know there is traffic Make sure there is at least some. CPC if you want to monetize the keyword Ranking for many low-volume keywords can be just as good as ranking for a few high-volume keywords. Continue to Tutorial Part 4: On-Page SEO SpecificationsAs. I have mentioned in the previous parts of this course,

the popular saying is “Content is King”. The content of your site is all the purpose that anyone would want to visit your website. If you don’t have anything good to offer, then there really is no reason for anyone to visit your site. That’s why that saying is so popular. Content is where it all begins . Providing good content is the heart and soul of your website and for SEO. Create content Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers for real people high quality content The first and only real rule of thumb for creating content for your site is that your content should be made for real people. I know you’re saying “well, of course! I know,” but you’d be surprised how easily this slips past people, especially in the world of SEO.

With Google’s Algorithm by Creating a Lot of Backlinks

All the things we usually discuss regarding SEO optimization are mostly discussed from the perspective of. Google’s crawlers and algorithms, so it’s easy to get stuck in that mindset. When I say create content for real people, that means don’t obsess over “how many times should. I use my keyword phrase” or “how many words should my content have.” Not that these things don’t matter at all, but they only matter if they make sense to real people. For example, if you have a page on. How to properly train your dog” and you’re targeting the keyword “dog training,” it would make sense to use the keyword phrase “dog training” quite often in your article. You’ll also want to cover the topic in depth, which would lead to a pretty long article.

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A short article that makes no reference to dog training would likely not be considered high-quality dog ​​training content. On the other hand, if you had a site that sold dog chew toys and you were targeting the keyword “dog walking toy”, it might be weird to include that exact keyword phrase “dog walking toy” in your content. naturally and the search engine is probably looking for a quick description or a page to buy this type of dog toys. Most likely they are not looking for a long 2000 word article about it. Every topic and niche is different and what defines high-quality content will be different for those niches, topics, keywords, etc.

With Just the Exact Anchor Text You Wanted to

Google has gotten incredibly good at understanding what high-quality content is within different niches , thanks in part to Google RankBrain. Basically, RankBrain is machine learning and keeps getting better at knowing what signals define a high-quality page for certain niches and keywords. This means that the signals that might work for one niche may be very different for another. It gets complicated, right? That’s why when it comes to creating your actual content.

Think of real readers and users first! Stop obsessing over what some SEO plugin tells you about how many times your keyword should be placed in the article or some “guru” advice that all your articles should be 2000 words. Use common sense and look at what content is already ranking for your keyword to see what might be needed. Topics people are searching for Topics-Being-Wanted Now this is something we discussed in our keyword research part of the tutorial, but I just wanted to mention it now as it’s so important. Too many times I see people complaining that they don’t get traffic.


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