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what we learned In this tutorial, you should now have a good overview of what black. Hat link building is and some of the more popular methods used. You should also be clear about whether or not this type of link building fits into your strategy. Let’s review some of the main points. Black hat link building works best for “Churn ‘n Burn” strategies and should be avoided for sites with longer term goals. Automated software is the primary way to build black hat links in bulk. Threaded content is replacing synonyms to make a piece of content seem unique to. Google There are many different types of black hat links, some work better than others. PBNs can be very effective when done right, but who knows what the future holds.

Continue to the last chapter of our crash course in SEO, Part 9: Final Overview: SEO Tips and Tricks.White hat link building is the preferred type of link building for most webmasters. The white hat basically means that you are doing your best to follow Google’s guidelines. When you stick to white hat SEO methods, you are giving your site the best chance of staying in good standing with Google and not Algeria Phone Number risking penalties or problems with the Google algorithm. Although using white hat link building methods will generally lead to better rankings in the long run, getting links through white hat methods is much more difficult and time consuming than using black hat methods. This is because with white hat methods we focus more on quality than quantity.

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If you plan on having your website as a long-term asset, I highly recommend white hat link building over black hat link building, even though the road ahead is more difficult. It’s a much safer way to get backlinks and the results will last longer. In this tutorial, we’ll go over different ways to get high-quality white hat links that will help your site rank higher for a long time. Brand My first step when it comes to building links for any new site is what I call the “branding” stage. This is where I use different free websites to help build my brand. Any worthwhile new business will, of course, have a social media presence.

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So I would create a Facebook page, a Twitter page, an Instagram page, Pinterest, etc. Anything that other reputable companies have, by doing so I can place links to my website. I would also go and spread the word on as many free sites as I could. For example, maybe a Google business page and any other free business listing sites you can find. I would look for sites that have listings for starter sites or recently launched sites. If I have forum accounts, I change my signature to link back to my website. I think you’re seeing where I’m going here. Branding is basically getting the word out online about your new business.

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There are many free websites where you can mention your brand in a way that seems natural to Google. I think you’d also be surprised at how powerful this simple step is. Many times, right after the markup, I see my site start to appear in the top 100 for the keywords I’d like to rank for. The brand begins its backlink relationship with Google. It puts you on their radar and gets your site crawled more often. guest post This is the old, tried and true method of white hat link building. Guest posting is when you write articles for other websites and in return you get a link back to your own website.

Guest posting can be extremely powerful but it is also time consuming. These days, most sites where you’d really want a guest post require long, in-depth original articles that can take a fair amount of time to create. If you love to write and are passionate about your topic, guest posting can be the perfect way to get links for your site. For others, the effort required to create guest posts and find opportunities might not be worth it. Finding guest posting opportunities is pretty simple actually. Simply search Google with your topic and a few phrases for sites that allow the use of guest posts.

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