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Since May, the large-scale advertisements that have lasted for more than 3 months have frequently appeared in front of netizens. “There is always something new. The brand-new slogan of “Besides” appeared overwhelmingly in newspapers, subways, satellite TV, Focus buildings, theaters, video websites, etc. This was interpreted as Momo was doing its best to remove the “appointment” label before Poland Mobile Number it went public. This year, Momo has launched the largest advertising campaign since its establishment. With the current advertising efforts, the advertising cost is almost 100 million less. This is a huge expense for Momo, which has just broken through the edge of profitability.

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However, for Momo, this advertising expenditure is imperative, and there is no room for savings at all. Either stop here because of the “Job Shot” label, or repackage it with a lot of money and then take it to a new level. The answer is obviously only Choose the latter. It stands to reason Poland Mobile Number that as a social product, Momo should be more inclined to use social tools to promote social communication Although the communication effect of social marketing is good and the cost is low, it seems a bit grass-roots and difficult to convince the public when it comes to shaping the brand’s authoritative image.

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Momo’s advertising efforts are already comparable to the level of e-commerce wars, but the difference is that during the e-commerce war, major e-commerce companies are willing to put advertisements on a large scale to obtain more sales output, while Momo’s advertising It does not have the direct input and output characteristics of e-commerce, but completely reshapes the brand’s Poland Mobile Number new image. Some people think that the label of “Having a Cannonball” is also very good. It is precisely because of the attribute of “Having a Cannonball” that Momo has achieved today’s achievements. Why spend a lot of money on advertising and repackaging?

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