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A few years ago, I didn’t think creating more than two high-quality posts in a week was possible. Why? Because the way we went about it slowed us down. We had no central repository Asia Mobile Number List for ideas, no formulaic way to tackle posts, and no step-by-step editing checklist for getting rid of pesky mistakes. But that changed when we armed the team with automations, hotkey-based productivity apps, and checklists. Productivity rose without sacrificing quality. Let me explain the process and helpful tools Asia Mobile Number List we use now. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: 7 Content Marketing Tasks to Automate Right Now 7 Powerful Tools to Automate Tedious Content Marketing Tasks Collect and vet ideas: Slack, Zapier, and Airtable Greenwashing.

The Asia Mobile Number List Suggestions Aren’t Just

Work anxiety. ISO 9001. Every day, there’s a new topic a team member wants to write about. We capture these suggestions on Asia Mobile Number List an internal Slack channel called “mkt-post-ideas.” Anyone with an idea can post it to the channel: If keyword research was involved, the person posting the ideas includes the numbers – volume, keyword difficulty, and sometimes cost per click: The suggestions aren’t just recorded on Slack. We use Zapier to push the ideas automatically to the project management tool, Airtable. Zapier is a software integration platform that lets you build nifty automations Asia Mobile Number List known as “Zaps” to connect applications. No coding experience required. We push the ideas from Slack to Airtable so they’re easy to access for our sprint planning. When we’re ready to allocate work to the writers, the idea cards are waiting.

These Asia Mobile Number List Tools Try These


To set up a handy Zap between Slack and Airtable: Create a free Zapier account. Hit the “Make a Zap!” button. Choose Slack as Asia Mobile Number List the first app. Select “New Message Posted to Channel” as the trigger. Then select the appropriate Slack channel. Choose Airtable as the second app. Select “Create Record” as the action, then customize it to how you want the record/card to appear. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: Want Better Content Marketing Management? Try One of These Tools Try These 5 Agile Marketing Values to Sharpen Your Content Process 5 Brands Share Their Content Asia Mobile Number List Marketing Process 8 Tips (and a Few Tools) for Getting S**T Done Research: Ahrefs Once a writer is assigned to a card (i.e., the topic), the final keyword research process begins.

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