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How to challenge the giants? The answer given by Yin Sang is: To change the world, we must do O2O. And he also threw a rhetoric: Give me an SNS, and I can pry up the entire O2O. So, is the SNS+O2O model really a good road? We look forward to Yoon Sang’s next Estonia Mobile Number practice and performance. (Titanium Media Note: The picture shows Justin Sun, founder and CEO of Ruibo Technology) Justin Sun: Ripple creates a decentralized payment system supported by a value network The third interviewed company founded by the post-90s is inextricably linked with the popular Internet finance.

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After the publication of the previous TMTpost article “Post-90s Justin Sun: Those Who Want to Enter State-Owned Enterprises and Civil Servants, Have Been Dismissed from Post-90s Citizenship”, the views expressed by Sun Justin born in the 90s caused fierce comments from netizens. Some commented that it was Justin Sun ” Pretending to be coercive”, some people say that being Estonia Mobile Number young and frivolous is an inevitable stage in life. Some netizens said that they hoped that Justin Sun would not blush when he looked back at his remarks in 10 years… So, what kind of dream are Justin Sun and his Ripple Labs dreaming? Justin Sun, born in 1990, holds a master’s degree from the Ivy League

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University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s degree from Peking University. Founder and CEO of Ripple Technology, Chief Representative of Ripple Labs Greater China in Silicon Valley, USA. The rise of Bitcoin has set off a wave of gold rush. However, behind the Estonia Mobile Number popularity of Bitcoin, some new virtual currencies are gradually entering the market. Ripple Labs (Ripple for short) is a representative one in this community. The price is relatively low, so it is often mentioned by industry insiders. But even people in the industry don’t know much about Ripple, which is a latecomer, and what is the difference between it and Bitcoin?

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