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difficult to memorize and cannot be put on any business card as it is also difficult to write. Now see this URL which will take you to the same web page, but it’s easy to remember and can be mentioned on business cards, posters, flyers, etc. Some of the social media apps like Twitter have their URL shortening service. This helps reduce the length of the URL link so that it fits easily into the microblogging site. If you are going in with a product in the market, the first and foremost thing you need to get right is a domain name. The link should not be long enough that the domain name gets lost in the HTML tags.

Why do you need a URL shortener? A URL shortener helps shorten links. You can shorten a link to fit the character limits for social media posts, messaging apps, and Google ads. However, some social networking sites help you shorten URL links. For example, if you use longer Macedonia Phone Number links on Twitter, it automatically shortens the link. Another good aspect of using a URL shortener is that you can have click tracking metrics and analytics. For example, when someone shares the long link address, it’s hard to know who clicked the link, whereas when you use a URL shortener, you can get information about the visitor.

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For example, you can find out how they got to the site and what device they’re using. A famous marketing quote from Seth Godin, ” Everyone is not your customer ,” is why you need to have data on who your customers are. The more detailed analytics you have, the better service you can provide. URL shortener helps make your marketing premium with as much data as possible. URL Shortener allows you to have different URLs for different devices or places to serve different people. The URL shortener that allows you to customize the URL is the best; you can have different URL links that you can use for various social media posts.

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This will help you compare ad campaign click-through rates on different social media posts. Top 10 URL Shorteners to Use in March 2022 1. little Bitly is the most popular URL shortener. If you want to shorten the link for commercial purposes, Bitly is the URL shortener to use. Create recognizable short links that are easy to remember. The process of creating a shorter link on Bitly is easy and convenient. You do not need to create an account to access the URL shortener. You can shorten the big link by pasting the link address on the home page and clicking Shorten and you’re done. Your link is shortened.

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bitly-best-url-shortner The image shows how to shorten URLs. First, you put the link in the box and click “shorten”. Bitly provides a deeper insight into a target audience that helps the business. As a business owner, you would refrain from making mistakes that cost you dollars and do not produce any conclusive results. Instead, Bitly helps you make smart decisions based on data. Bitly is known for small businesses and individuals. Prices : Bitly has three types of plans: Free Basic: $29 per month Premium: $199 per month Custom: quote-based plan 2. Lowercase URL TinyURL is a free URL shortener.

TinyURL shortens the link that never expires. It has been in use since 2002. If you are in a hurry and want to create a URL without much effort, then this is a place where you should land. Copy the URL you want to customize, and then paste it into the box. Shorten the second half of the URL. Click shorten the link. Larger links are shortened and it is ready to use. It is safe to use the URL link for commercial purposes. best-url-shortener-tinyurl TinyURL is a short link generator that shortens the link by clicking “Create TinyURL”. TinyURL is the cool link shortener that allows you to preview the link beforehand to avoid bad redirects.

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