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Are you a fan of using instagram for business. The popularity (and number) of social media platforms is increasing every day. Making it difficult for brands and businesses to find the right platform for them. Assuming that using the right social media platform can make. Or break your marketing efforts, you’re not taking any chances. One way to decide the type of social media platform to use is to focus on the. Type of content you want to share with your target audience. If you look around you’ll see that more and more brands (of all sizes) are using “Visual content.” to engage prospects and customers. They are actually seeing results. So why not? According to. A study published by hubspot visual content is one of the most creative ways to help you engage with. Your audience at the highest level especially when using social media.

Marketing While Most Social Media How it Work

Marketing. While most social media platforms allow you to share visual content, there is none that can help you get the most out of it than Instagram. The photo-sharing app has doubled its user base to 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily active users in just two years. And those How it Work numbers continue to grow. Instagram monthly active users Over the years, more and more people are using the social media network’s mobile apps to share photos and engage with brands through branded posts or direct messages. And those numbers continue to grow.  Most of the time, they either ignore the powerful advantages of Instagram or have a unclear understanding of how it can help them grow. Here are some solid, real statistics.


That Should Convince You As A Business How it Work


How it Work

That should convince you, as a business, to invest your time and marketing dollars into Instagram… Every day, users actively share more than 100 million photos on their Instagram feeds. 7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags happen to be brands. As of 2020, 25 million Instagram for business profiles have been registered. A third of Instagram users are known to use their smartphones to buy products they find on Instagram. Instagram’s global ad revenue in 2020 reached $13.86 billion. Instagram Stories has attracted 500 million active users, almost twice as many as Snapchat. Instagram influencer marketing is one of the top reasons why marketers use this platform. The way to make Instagram marketing work for your business is to focus on creating a lasting visual experience. In other words, sharing beautiful photos and creating appealing

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