How to Re-engage Your Audience Mexico Phone Number

In the past week alone, I received two Mexico Phone Number emails from companies that were trying to “reactivate” or “re-engage” me as a customer. I thought it would be a good idea to examine these emails and also to think about “reactivation” techniques in other channels—like mobile and display/paid media. What Is Reactivation? Reactivation (or re-engagement) is a technique used by marketers to reach out to those people who have previously expressed interest, purchased, or Mexico Phone Number otherwise engaged with their company but have since “gone dark” or disengaged. The goal is to encourage them to become active again. Typically, the most common (although not used enough, in my opinion) method for reactivation is via email.

But Now That We’re in 2015 Mexico Phone Number

And mobile marketing is king, marketers Mexico Phone Number need to think about how they’re doing reactivation on mobile as well as on display/paid media channels. Discover how activation marketing can make your campaigns more purposeful and influence customers through the sales funnel. Download the Customer Activation ebook. Why Should You Do a Reactivation Campaign? A marketer typically has a list of customers, with as many as 25-50% of these people classified as “inactive”. These people have raised their hand in the past, either through showing intent, engagement, or making a prior purchase. Therefore you have spent valuable time and not to mention probably a good amount of money on grabbing their attention in the first place.

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Most value out of your efforts? I implore you—don’t let Mexico Phone Number these viable opportunities slip through your fingers! Frankly, ignoring these prospects will not serve your bottom line. So, here’s your chance to seize the opportunity and pursue a reactivation campaign! Keep reading… Best Practices for Reactivation Campaigns in Email A 2014 study by Return Path assessed the email reactivation campaigns of 33 retailers. As a result, researchers were able to determine a handful of best practices. Here are my favorites: Tip 1: The best subject lines to use for reactivation campaigns include “Miss You”. Tip 2: Don’t just send one email. Instead, send a short series of engaging emails over a period of time with a message showing that you miss and care about winning back the customer’s business.

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