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Start shooting the first video in 2022 for marketing 2022-01-13 digital marketingby Yifan This video marketing guide is your beginner’s guide to getting started with a video strategy. We’ll cover everything you need to know to launch your first video — and more to come. Before we dive into the specifics of creating video, you should know why video marketing is critical to your success and what it is. What is video marketing? Video marketing involves using video as a promotional strategy for your business. The term covers all aspects of creating and publishing videos, including: Prepare a budget for your project write scripts Shoot and edit footage Promote your video View your video analytics Whether you’re producing a short informative video about your business or a lengthy documentary about a topic in your industry, you can increase leads and revenue by adding video to your marketing strategy.

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Great reasons why you need a video strategy Video has proven its value to marketing time and time again. It’s not just an outlet for your pent-up creativity. Videos can produce real results that help your business grow. Here are two reasons to invest in a video strategy: 1. Videos Help Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Adding high-quality video to a website can increase the time users spend on that page. This simple action can lead to a boost in search engine results pages (SERPs). According to a Wistia study, videos increase search traffic (which leads to more attention to your brand). More specifically, Wistia saw a 10.6% increase in search traffic in a month when their videos were indexed by Google.


Additionally, Google now offers featured videos for certain search results. If your business optimizes your videos well, you may end up with some prime search results space, potentially leading to higher click-through rates (CTRs) and more traffic from SERPs. You may also appear in Google’s video search results, giving you great SEO power. 2. Video gets people to take action 90% of consumers say video helps them decide what to buy. Additionally, those who used video marketing saw a nearly 30% increase in click-through rates and a nearly 35% increase in online conversion rates. Even if increasing sales isn’t your main goal, video can help you achieve your goals. People rely on video for new information, so make sure your business meets their needs.

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