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Similar to the Shanghai Kaka Xian we reported, the small farmers who deliver vegetables mainly near Shenzhen Science and Technology Park also provide semi-finished products (clean vegetables), and its special feature is that it uses WeChat to sell vegetables. After the Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number user makes a reservation on WeChat the night before, the team will purchase the dishes at 5:00 in the morning, complete the assembly of the ingredients before 3:00, and complete the delivery from 4-6:00 pm through self-built logistics. On the other hand, users can receive fresh dishes delivered to the office (or home) before get off work, and they can cook when they go home.

Has Its Imperfections Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number

On the ground floor, Chen Zhe is proud of their flyer conversion rate. In his opinion, sending flyers is a red ocean. In addition to the large number of people who hand out flyers, users who get flyers basically only have 1-2 seconds of thinking time. If you don’t catch the eyeball Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number at this time, it will basically be useless. When everyone didn’t know that the small peasant girl delivered vegetables, Chen Zhe and their flyers didn’t even mention the brand name. The front of the poster: Wechat sells vegetables, indicating three processes; the back:

At Present Vegetables Are Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number

Tencent employees leave to sell vegetables, assured vegetables, conscience vegetables; QR codes are added on both sides, and there is so much copywriting. It is not easy for teams who are new to fresh food to get through this process.  The line is 60 minutes. What Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number have they learned in the process? Being able to circle users is also an advantage for them to sell vegetables on WeChat.  Chen Zhe said with a smile that they were trained by Tencent to have deep roots in certain concepts. Take the operation of WeChat public accounts as an example, they have noticed the “circle users”. So far they have 60-70 dishes for users to choose from.

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