“I am not yet forty, but my eyesight is vast, my hair is gray, and my teeth are shaken.” Why did diabetes make Han Yu end up like this

According to a survey by the National Health Administration. More than 2 million people in Taiwan  diabetes. Since there are so many people with diabetes. It seems that getti diabetes is not a big dea. The long-term consequences of diabetes on. The body are beyond your imagination.First of all. High blood sugar in diabetes can cause many small blood. Vessel complications. Includi diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic nephropathy. Diabetic neuropathy. In addition to small blood vessel complications. The most terrifying What’s more. If you are unlucky. The complications of the large blood vessels of diabetes. Such as coronary heart disease and stroke.  directly cause the death of the patients. These macrovascular complications account for 80% of the deaths of diabetic patients.

High blood sugar? Where did all this sugar come from?

Basically .Any passerby on the main Namibia Phone Number street knows that diabetes is diagnosed through high blood sugar. But how can so much sugar  out of nothing. Have you ever wondered where these blood sugars come from. I know. eat in. nonsense. We are animals after all. Unlike plants that can photosynthesize carbon dioxide and water into glucose.To put it another way. What kind of steps went wrong to make the blood sugar so high. To solve this mystery. We need to know where sugar generally  food. First.  The food is digested in our digestive tract. It is absorbed into the blood by the small intestine. And then the sugar is transported to the cells of. Various tissues through the blood. Vessels of the whole body. Now we know that patients with diabetes .High blood sugar. And the answer to the question is ready. High blood sugar is because sugar cannot enter cells and will accumulate in the blood.

Insulin, a sensor card that helps glucose open the door to cells

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For glucose to enter cells, it is not easy to enter. It must pass through a specific channel to penetrate the cell membrane into the cell. And different cells also have different glucose channels. In addition. these glucose channels are not always on the cell surface. Only when insulin is connected to the. Receptor on the cell surface.  A series of complex biochemical steps, the glucose channel will move from .The cell to the cell surface. but  the induction, the door next to it will be  for glucose.When there is a problem with this process of open the door. It will cause the glucose to be lock out of the door. Although the door will not be completely broken, more and more glucose will be queued into the cells in the blood. When there is too much sugar in the blood, the pancreas will make more insulin, and eventually the pancreatic cells will be exhausted and will not even secrete insulin.

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