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Teachable has you covered! With this feature, your hustle and bustle of looking for infrastructure to entertain such a large number of people will be solved. Similarly,You no longer have to worry about server issues or website unresponsiveness if there are so many simultaneous requests. Teachable web servers are ultra responsive and super fast to enable a dynamic learning experience. 5. Never miss an opportunity to interact with your students Just like any other industry, teaching also requires smooth communication.

The instructor and students must be able to interact with each other to have a productive learning experience. And therefore, Teachable allows you to talk to your students live, in a group or in a 1-2-1 conversation. teaching review This will ensure that your students have a dynamic learning experience and contact you anytime they want to resolve any questions. This will give you and your students peace Lithuania Phone Number of mind knowing that everyone is having fun learning your courses. kajabi-vs-teachable You can also schedule meetings and appointments with your students through Teachable. The tool will sync with Calendly, which is used to book appointments and video calls. 6.

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The Whole Arsenal to Maximize Conversions Teachable comprehension instructors have a lot to do to ensure maximum conversion on your website. There are standard conversion procedures, coupons, discounts, giveaways, and other marketing campaigns that require strong support to execute the smooth onboarding of students to courses. With Teachable, you can integrate coupons effortlessly.

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You can accept payments through subscription, membership, one-time payment, packages and community. Teachable Startup Coaching You can cross-sell, upsell, and downsell your products with ease while enjoying increased revenue from your digital product sales. However, When it comes to accepting coins and payment gateways, Teachable has you covered. Teachable accepts payments in over 130 currencies along with PayPal and Mobile Pay support. You can also add affiliates to your course with the help of Teachable.

Give Them Access to Your Admin Panel on Teachable.

In this way, you have the opportunity to enroll more students with the help of the affiliate marketers. You can manage your commissions only through Teachable. This feature will make sure your coaching business gets off the ground smoothly and without any hassle. Teachable Pricing – Teachable offers four plans. Free Plan Basic – $29/mo Pro – $99/mo Business – $249/mo Kajabi-teachable-pricing-comparison Please note that with the free and basic plans, you must pay 5-10% transaction fees to Teachable with each sale .

If you are using a Pro or Business plan, there are no transaction fees. Similarly,All plans include unlimited hosting bandwidth, storage, video uploads, courses, student enrollments, no fees on free courses, and more. Pros and cons of teaching Pros. Has a free plan Responsive customer support Unlimited course creation with each plan. However, Define dynamic customization to give a unique look Supports a wide range of learning tools like courses. Training sessions, tutorials 1-2 -1, recurring payments, etc.

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