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social sharing option in the right place because when sharing options are accessible, your audience is more likely to use them. So, this is precisely what the social plugin takes care of. It is the most popular and best social sharing plugin available. It has all kinds of preferences, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Things to consider before installing any plugin As already mentioned above, installing a plugin is not a necessity. Use it only when very necessary. If you think your WordPress can do a particular function without the plugin, avoid using it. Like its wonderful pros, it has a number of cons.

It can’t be classified as a disadvantage, but you just need to be more careful before using plugins, and it can lead to a lot of unwanted issues on your website. 1. Compatibility One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is because of the sheer number of plugins available. Unfortunately, due to Morocco Phone Number the large number of third-party plugins, you may occasionally run into compatibility issues. A WordPress plugin check can help you discover these issues. Learn how to do it. The compatibility of a plugin is how perfectly it fits your website. An ideal plugin does not cause any additional problems to your website.

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But then, how do we find the compatibility of a plugin? It is simple. You have to follow a few simple steps: deactivate one of your recent plugins, check your website for features that previously didn’t work If you find that the features work, then your plugin might be buggy. But if you don’t see any changes, it’s more likely that your plugin is friendly. 2. Reviews This is the most critical aspect before getting a plugin because, let’s be practical, it is impossible to install and uninstall plugins to check if they are good. Therefore, it is better to take precautions beforehand. So, to understand the use of a plugin, you can refer to the reviews section. It will help you learn about others’ experiences with the plugin. Most plugins are transparent and have a review section.

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If there are no reviews, rating options are available. You can check the ratings to know the potential compatibility of your plugin. While using a plugin, you can also submit your ratings and reviews about your experiences to help other WordPress plugin users. 3. Last update Updating a plugin is also essential. Let us tell you why. First of all, updates help keep out malware that might otherwise infect your website. Also, do you know that outdated plugins can put your site in maintenance mode? An internal server issue can occur as soon as you activate an outdated plugin that is no longer compatible with the latest WordPress updates.

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Therefore, we suggest you stay away from plugins that waste even a second of loading time. One of the most convenient features of WordPress is that it notifies you whenever a new version of a plugin is available. However, if for some reason you are unable to update the plugin from the WordPress Control Panel, you can log in to your web host’s Cpanel and from the File Manager you can copy and paste the new plugin files. If you are using VPS or hosting that is not supported by Cpanel, you can use the FTP client to update the WordPress plugin. Do not worry! To help you, we will guide you on how to update a plugin via FTP client: Download the plugin in zip format. Extract the plugin folder from the zip.

Your site server can be accessed via FTP using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Finally, if you are updating a plugin, navigate to the plugin folder and delete it. Next, browse to the folder you just downloaded and click ‘Upload’. Be sure to check the functionality of your website after submitting the new update. 4. Security and vulnerability If you are downloading WordPress from its official site, you can be sure of the security of your website. However, many freelance sites provide download links for paid WordPress plugins. Therefore, if you decide to download paid plugins for free from independent sites, you are most likely inviting risks to your website. But the good news is that you can avoid these scams.

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