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Making an iOS alarm clock is not as simple as it seems, especially when your goal is to be the best (if your app isn’t the best in its category, why should users Guangdong Mobile Phone Number buy it?) . It took a few weeks for our first crude prototype to develop, but we went through over 110 alpha and beta builds before we got something we were more comfortable with. We are obsessed with every tiny detail and do the best we can. Shortly after submitting an app to the App Store, we received a call from Apple for a referral, proving that Apple is also a fan of our well-crafted products. Our careful polishing of our products and the hard work we put into them have brought us considerable benefits. MDVFP is the new MVP!

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The TechCrunch article pointed out that the average revenue of apps in the AppStore is about $4,000, but it is more difficult for newbies. New iPhone app publishers Guangdong Mobile Phone Number only account for 0.25% of the revenue share, which means that the threshold for newbies to enter the market has increased. Yes, but it’s a plus for those who can compete at a higher quality level.

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While the App Store does help developers make a lot of money, most apps don’t make money. Although Apple has paid more than 13 billion US dollars to developers, since the top developers earn the majority, on average, each developer earns not much, as the following figure Guangdong Mobile Phone Number describes: The media tends to Hype some extreme cases, such as the successful breakout of indie studios or indie developers. This is also the reason why many people want to set foot in the App/Game field – in order to make more money. If that’s the only reason you’re doing development – I suggest you stop, stop.

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